Studies on parasympathetic and sex

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This proved to be the case, as demonstrated by physiologist Kevin E. From R spikes acquired during the final seconds of each behavioral block which corresponded to the period of actual CBF measurement , we extracted a time series of inter-beat intervals IBIs. In animal studies these may include both afferent and efferent fibre recording of both divisions of the autonomic system. Two males and two females were current smokers, and one male and one female were past smokers.

Studies on parasympathetic and sex

Wilund , Jeffrey A. These data suggest that males have a preponderance of sympathetic over vagal control of cardiac function compared with females. Hand-traced ROI were used instead of atlas-based ROI in order to target particular sub-regions of the structures of interest. These preliminary imaging results are consistent with earlier reports of significant correlation between brain activity and HRV, and extend these findings by demonstrating prominent sex differences in the neural control of the ANS. Nocturnal erections occur primarily during rapid eye movement REM sleep, the stage in which dreaming occurs. Further insight into autonomic function can be gained following exercise because of the significant effect exercise can have on autonomic modulation [ 8 , 9 ]. Sachs led to the theory that disconnecting the brain from the body, removed some inhibitory control over erections. Pharmacological blockade with agents administered either centrally or systematically may allow physiological responses to be attributed to sympathetic or vagal activity. Abstract Electrophysiology, behavioral, and neuroimaging studies have revealed sex-related differences in autonomic cardiac control, as reflected in measurements of heart rate variability HRV. The baroreflex can be assessed by frequency domain analysis of the relationship between heart rate and blood pressure variability or by perturbing pressure receptor afferent activity and measuring reflex heart rate and blood pressure responses. Cook Find articles by Marc D. We hypothesize that females will have enhanced parasympathetic dominance at rest compared to males, but an acute maximal exercise bout will lead to elevated sympathetic dominance in both males and females coupled with delayed parasympathetic reactivation in females. Additionally, multiple lines of research in experimental animals implicate the amygdala in sympathetic activation occurring in response to acute stress reviewed in Salome et al. All subjects were recruited from a local university and community population through flyers or word of mouth. We now know that the penis is under the complete control of the CNS, both during sexual arousal and at rest. Our study found that associations between rCBF and parasympathetic indices differed significantly between female and male subjects in the amygdala. This proved to be the case, as demonstrated by physiologist Kevin E. McKenna, also a member of our Working Group. There the PGN neurons release the neurotransmitter serotonin, which inhibits erections by opposing the effects of proerectile neurotransmitters. It thus may be hypothesized that alterations in amygdalar function may underlie differential responses to stress between sexes Taylor et al. Lane-Cordova , Marc D. The high frequency HF component, which is mediated almost entirely by parasympathetic activity transmitted via the vagus nerve Akselrod et al. Additional contrasts were performed to show areas where the correlation between rCBF and the autonomic index differed significantly between males and females. Emission images then were acquired, following HO administration during each of 14 behavioral blocks. An appreciation of gender differences in the structure and function of the autonomic nervous system is therefore important to a full understanding of a number of common and important clinical presentations [7]. American Heart Association guidelines were followed except all measurements were performed in the supine position to provide a more stable and reproducible blood pressure.

Studies on parasympathetic and sex

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  1. Our study found that associations between rCBF and parasympathetic indices differed significantly between female and male subjects in the amygdala. HRR was measured at minute one and two following maximal exercise.

  2. The sympathetic component tends to inhibit erections, whereas the parasympathetic system is one of several excitatory pathways.

  3. Estimation of cholinergic neurotransmission by assay of acetylcholine is more problematic due to the activity of cholinesterase leading to rapid hydrolysis.

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