String test to detect babys sex

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Pee in a separate container. Maybe because it's fun, maybe because it's wishful thinking. Allow the ring to dangle over the expectant mother's wrist instead of her belly. Click here for additional information. If it swings in a circle, you are carrying a boy.

String test to detect babys sex

Some of these tests are fun, and some…borderline crazy. Predicting the gender of babies in the womb: However, is there anything to these old wives' tales? Click here for additional information. Pee in a separate container. Is it a scam? If the ring moves in a circular motion, the test indicates that the baby is a girl. After all, plenty of moms are drawn to it, if only for the entertainment value you can do it at a baby shower! In other words, with the answer already scribbled on the back of our hand BOY! If it swings back and forth, the baby is a boy. You want equal parts cabbage water and urine. Buy yourself a head of red cabbage and chop it up. Strain out the cabbage and dump the water into a clear glass. So why do we keep doing it? So the other day on the way back from an ultrasound that revealed the sensational news that we are to be the parents of a bouncing baby boy come March, , we both got to talking about all of these different kinds of folky gender tests. Baking Soda Pour your urine into clear cup containing two tablespoons of baking soda. Cornell University psychology professor Tom Gilovich says that we, as humans, look for cause and effect where there is none [source: For example, someone we knew used the ring test, the ring swung in a circle, and our friend had a girl. I can only assume I have bionic pee. With dozens and dozens of old wives' tales passed down through generations of women, there's no shortage of ways to try to guess the sex of your baby. Others get so excited, they'll try all sorts of things to predict the sex of the baby before it's time for an ultrasound. A girl is in your future! I actually tried this one, it was incorrect for me! Red Cabbage So the red cabbage test is simple. In fact, 50 to 70 percent of expectant parents want to find out the sex of their unborn child [source:

String test to detect babys sex

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  1. Ahem… those of us who have had crazy morning sickness with both genders may roll our eyes on this one! Was this test true for your baby?

  2. The Key Test Ask the pregnant mom to pick up a key. Place the threaded ring in the palm of the mom's hand for a moment and then lift the string and allow it to dangle over her palm.

  3. Ahem… those of us who have had crazy morning sickness with both genders may roll our eyes on this one! So why do we keep doing it?

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