Staying married to a sex addict

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I was so embarrassed and ashamed of Donny's behavior. It is important for you to do your research and find people who have expertise in this area. As odd as it seems, addicts are able to compartmentalize their lives.

Staying married to a sex addict

But ultimately, no one can decide for you and there are no guarantees when it comes to dealing with sexual addiction. What a bundle of joy! Because of my naivety, I thought he was eager to experience the frequency of sex. Donny was extremely talented; however his work left him a lot of free time that contributed to his problems. As you read her story, you will wonder why she stayed in a marriage riddled with pain, perversion and sexual betrayal. When I reflected on the marriage, I experienced that gnawing feeling that there was something really wrong with my marriage. How would this affect our kids? He knew I was not comfortable with this semi-public display of affection but his needs seemed much more important than mine. What the Addict Needs to Do 1. Did I see a way out other than divorce? Sexual addiction requires secrecy, both from the addict and the partner. Just like with alcoholism, there are trained sexual addiction therapists, and facilities that treat sex, love and relationship addictions. Just like a drug addict who has to increase their usage to get the same high, a sex addict will spend more and more time feeding his addiction. Even when a situation as destructive as sex addiction is present, a partner should not leave a marriage in haste, despite what friends or family may urge. She had little detail, except that he was arrested at a porn shop with an injury, and my brother in law had gone to bail him out. When I looked at my personal accomplishments I felt secure and happy. But it is also important to remember that they do survive separation and there are things you can do to make the transition easier and ensure their emotional welfare. He seemed oblivious to my feelings and would put me in uncomfortable situations that had sexual implications. I am more realistic and I am gaining more understanding about the disease of sexual addiction. This means individual therapy with a sex addiction specialist, step groups geared for partners such as COSA , therapist-facilitated partner support groups, and psychoeducation about co-addiction. I decided that I needed to take a stand regarding my feelings. Hopefully you will begin to understand how this process could occur. Manage her own treatment, not the addict's. And of course if you have children, you will want to take their feelings and their welfare into account. The rents from 3 units would make the payments and we could live for nothing. Disclosures are facilitated by therapists in couples sessions.

Staying married to a sex addict

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  1. If it rained or snowed he could not work, and did not get paid. Skimming through one of the magazines, I noticed that several ads were cut out.

  2. I believed in the sanctity of marriage, that family came first, and as long as there was no physical abuse, alcoholism, or drugs I should stay with him because of my vows and commitment.

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