State if oregon sex offender list

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If you believe an offender under supervision has been contacting minors, please contact your local Community Corrections office. Application of the risk assessment tool to a sex offender must result in placing the sex offender in one of the following levels: This web site is made possible through generous donations by:

State if oregon sex offender list

How can I get a list of sex offenders in my neighborhood? Application of the risk assessment tool to a sex offender must result in placing the sex offender in one of the following levels: If you have knowledge that a registrant is not residing at the last reported residence listed on this web site, you are encouraged to call the contact number listed for that registrant. In addition, OSP does not assess whether the offender will commit additional offenses or the nature of any future crimes. If the sex offender has not been determined predatory, they may not release address information but can provide you with information about their crime of conviction and conditions of supervision. Neither the OSP nor the State of Oregon shall be responsible for any errors or omissions produced by secondary dissemination of this data. Also required are regular updates for additions, modifications, and potential corrections. Any attempt to commit any of the above crimes 1 to 17 Offenders who have been determined predatory and are posted to the Oregon Predatory Sex Offender website cannot be around minors if: Can registered sex offenders have contact with or be around children? We urge you to consult with your own legal advisor before taking any action based on information appearing on this site or any site to which it may be linked. Those registered sex offenders who have been designated Predatory under Oregon Revised Statute A person convicted in another state of a crime comparable to those listed above About Us. Data made available by: In addition, the information on this website refers only to sex offenses defined under ORS You must agree to the Conditions of Use Statement to use this site. This site is for information purposes only. The first registration laws went into effect in Oregon in This varies from county to county. A person described above when not otherwise required to register as a sex offender under ORS Contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor Oregon law mandates OSP provide the names, addresses and descriptions of offenders who may pose a risk to the community. Predatory offender information may be obtained through the public web site. For sex offenders off of supervision, no residential requirements apply under current Oregon state law but may apply under local law. Is community notification made on all sex offenders? Incest with a child victim 6. The telephone line is operational on regular business days, 8 a.

State if oregon sex offender list

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