Spit or swallow and oral sex

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Apply chocolate syrup, unsweetened yogurt, or flavored lube to the penis while you are giving your husband oral sex. Frascino Hi, I don't really have any new information to add since the last time I addressed this topic. Stomach acids would certainly quickly kill the virus very quickly. A lot of us are married to pretty good-willed husbands who are decent men. B Hi, Should you be concerned?

Spit or swallow and oral sex

I spat most of it out but swallowed an ammount not much. So spit when you can, swallow quickly when you must, and do not use someone's jiz as a trendy new mouthwash to gargle with, even if you do like the taste better than Listerine. You are a very inspiring professionsl - great work! We were talking about this, so I wanted to know what is fact and what is not fact. I have nothing new to add to my previous comments. Well, are his eyelashes enlarging? I think it is helpful to understand why our husbands may want us to do something sexual. Semen has a unique consistency and taste, and it can be difficult to get used to it. I just came across yuor website and found it very informative as well as at times amusing; not that I'm making fun of any situation, but you gotta admit it: Bob Spit or Swallow Most guides would recommend spitting over swallowing, but we really don't know for sure. In my opinion, no. Add Altoids or Red Hots to your mouth while you are giving oral. Last week accidentally, he swallowed some of my cum. Are you concerned about pain or discomfort? Have something handy to drink immediately after swallowing. Why does he want you to swallow? We often assume that they want something because they saw it in porn, because they are pursuing an unhealthy domination in the bedroom, or because an ex-girlfriend did it for him. Semen can be an emotional thing for our guys—and that can be an important part of why husbands ask their wives to swallow. It helps them feel connected. Their reasons are much more honorable and touching than we might assume at first. Read this post for more suggestions on dealing with a request you find difficult. The semen will bypass your tongue and may slide nicely down your throat. I guess this would also go along that old pharse "What is the Difference between like and love - Spit or Swallow". Someone mentioned that it is safer for someone to swallow rather then spit it out I think you know I am referring to cummings.

Spit or swallow and oral sex

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  1. Their request for swallowing speaks to the ways that sex provides not only physical pleasure but also emotional connection. Frascino Hello, It's been a while since a "spit or swallow" question has popped up on the forum.

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