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The song that told the tale of a young man hell-bent on meeting a girl Billo and in the process is harassed by the cops and assorted moralists, was an instant hit. Aur Billa arrived on the scene consciously behaving like poppers but with an almost arrogant DIY attitude. One way he used in this respect was to comment on the burgeoning materialism and with it the fake displays of piety that had begun to infiltrate deep inside the Pakistani society during the dictatorship. When the video was played on the now defunct NTM a semi-private TV channel , it became a sudden hit, taking everyone even the band by surprise. He laments that he Tara would not be going to Dubai because his travel agent had been arrested and his visa was a fake.


What elevates Zootopia above the ranks of similarly well-meaning stories, though, is the way even its most progressive characters are eventually forced to confront deep-seated prejudices. Both the songs though based on minimalistic compositions, were extremely catchy. At a time when famous pop and rock acts like the Vital Signs, Awaz, Strings, Junoon, Ali Haider, Sajjad Ali, Hadiqa Kayani and numerous others had begun to be courted and pampered by large multinational sponsors and put large sums of money in their videos, Dr. Aziz Mian and the Brothers had taunted each other by using high Sufi symbolism in their respective lyrics. They self-financed the recording of their songs and made low-budget videos because no multinational sponsor would go near them. But what would he say about parody? The song treats the Taroo as a social parasite with an obsession for staring at women. What does seem to be at the heart of the parody phenomenon is content that strikes a chord with audiences and drives the impulse to share some version of it with their social networks. Aur Billa arrived on the scene consciously behaving like poppers but with an almost arrogant DIY attitude. Ali suggested that he was simply parodying men who act tough but were normal run-of-the-mill guys. Abrar did not respond to the accusations and continued to enjoy his new-found fame. Abrar never clearly explained exactly who Billo really was. One can say that the overall make-up of the movement was rightist in orientation and not exactly democratic, as such. Bushra Ansari and Majid Jahangir In the mids a number of Pakistanis from working-class backgrounds for the first time began being able to travel to oil-rich Arab countries for work. This means the band has to completely self-finance the recording and shooting of its songs and videos. The movement was a hotchpotch of democrats, lawyers, non-militant Islamists, leftist fringe groups and emerging right-wing outfits. Video Billo de Ghar In , at a time when the once thriving and vibrant Pakistani pop scene had become a distant memory, and the country had slipped into one of its most awkward existentialist crises due to the rise of extremist violence , emerged a young Sindhi lad with a deliciously funky little ditty called Waderey Ka Beta. Soh Lakh Milien Gey: But Jahangir, Sakhi and Tara not only parodied the Qawali styles of the Brothers and Aziz Mian, but also their words by replacing their lyrical Sufi symbolism with mundane issues such as indigestion, quality of soap and fried chicken. The two also have different relationships with the stereotypes thrust upon them. Parody is imitation for comedic effect and by its nature is not supposed to be flattering. In an era of widespread electronic media and YouTube, it became an immediate hit. Abdul Salam just because he belonged to the outlawed Ahmadi sect. In entertainer, performing artiste and singer, Ali Gul Pir, decided to satirise the bothersome Taru with a funky hip-hop song and an irreverent video. But whereas the band experienced overnight success, it also faced the expected criticism: But democracy was not quite so cohesive a call by those who now wanted more political participation in the running of the country.


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  1. Comedians Majid Jehangir and Sakhi Iqbal who was still studying at the Karachi University at the time and was a member of a progressive students outfit played the Sabri Brothers, and Ismail Tara played the long-haired and uninhabited Aziz Mian. Video Soh Lakh Milien Gey 3:

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