Shes out of your league

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At least until his friends stop the plane. Stainer predicts their relationship will fail, as he deems Molly a "10" in a scale of attractiveness, and Kirk only a "5", and the gap is too large to overcome. This causes Marnie to take a sudden interest in Kirk again. Sliding Scale of Beauty: The movie primarily focuses on how it's a bit of a curse from Kirk's point of view, since he has to deal with his own insecurities and the petty jealousy and spite of those around him, which consciously or unconsciously work to sabotage the relationship.

Shes out of your league

Afterward, Kirk agrees to resume his relationship with Marnie, and makes plans to attend a family vacation together. Patty brings Molly to the airport, while Stainer has Jack sabotage the plane so that Kirk cannot leave. Upset with Kirk over his insecurities and wishing that there was something wrong with her to justify them being together, Molly confesses that Cam had the same problem and ultimately cheated on her. He intended to get off the plane but couldn't After returning to Molly's apartment, Kirk ejaculates prematurely in his pants while the two are making out , just as Molly's parents arrive for a surprise visit. On the airplane, Molly realizes that she accidentally left her cellphone at airport security. Yeah, and I'm tired of you guys busting my nuggets 'cause I've only been with one girl. You're a smart and talented guy who's afraid to do anything with it. At Jack's urging, Kirk admits the true reasons for his leaving, and their relationship resumes. Desperate to conceal the stain on his pants, Kirk seems discourteous by avoiding to stand up and shake hands, and quickly leaves Molly's apartment. Kirk's friends, family and ex worsen his self-esteem issues. I am an insane motherfucker! Becomes a Deconstructed Trope when Reality Ensues and the speech doesn't magically win him the situation, so he's stuck with his boorish and angry family members. What the Hell, Hero? It's 'cause she was the right girl. Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Molly gives one to Kirk, citing each deduction that she sees that would bring him to a "five". Maybe you are a five. Kirk may be presented as just an average guy, but he looks great next to assholes like his lecherous boss at the airport and especially his brother, who is fat, dumb, boorish, wears tighty-whities and is a sore loser. Whereas many romantic comedies end with the man chasing the woman through an airport so that he can declare his love to her before she flies out of his life forever, in this film Molly chases Kirk through the airport. Molly's ex initially assumes Kirk must be gay for them to be out socially together. This is inverted slightly by the fact that Molly lied to her parents about Kirk's line of work and later admits she asked him out because she thought he was "safe". Later, Molly directly asks Kirk out and he agrees. Marnie only starts chasing Kirk because Molly shows interest in him. While on their date, Kirk confides in Molly that he dreams of becoming a pilot, while Molly shares her story of how she was once a lawyer before realizing her love for event planning. So Beautiful, It's a Curse: A gender-inverted version of this trope.

Shes out of your league

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  1. Kirk rejects Marnie and meets Molly at the terminal gate, where she confesses her true feelings about Kirk and his insecurities, as well as her desire to be with him regardless. Maybe you are a five.

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