Sex scenes from movie fast sofa

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And Fast Sofa, the movie, keeps the guts of this road trip intact -- enough to realize that our pal Rick is on a real road to nowhere. There are no alternate language tracks. Watching him hit on various women throughout the film is both embarrassing AND sleazy at the same time! Rick turns to his girlfriend Tamara Natasha Lyonne for some much-needed support, though she's none too sympathetic, having been stranded at work the night before and learning of Rick's triple-X fling. And, I am very critical of films, out of 50 I might really like one, and I really like this one.

Sex scenes from movie fast sofa

Amusing enough, and a quick read. There is also some very clever dark humor involved, if you don't get it this film is probably not for you. There are an excessive number of split-screen effects and scenes where characters are encased in boxes, flying across the width of the frame. A porn star who believes she can break into "straight" films and become a star. Jack Busey stars as Rick, a vulgar dude who indulges himself in drugs and sex, invariably unemployed and between apartments. Lion's Gate and Studio Home Entertainment have, following a limited run on the festival circuit, given Fast Sofa a release on video and DVD, and I wouldn't be surprised if this film goes on to enjoy the same sort of cult status as the novel that inspired it. I'd definitely recommend this DVD as a rental, but a sight-unseen purchase is a tough call to make. I've written some unjustly negative reviews. His outfit alone is reason enough to rent the tape. But most of Fast Sofa consists of nonsensical vignettes strung together with even more nonsense. Sign in to vote. The final moments of Fast Sofa are out of place and unsatisfying, and I was hoping for something more substantial. Few actors grate on my nerves in quite the same way as Jennifer Tilly and Shasta McNasty himself, Jake Busey, and the prospect of watching the two of them for minutes wasn't outrageously appealing. There are no major concerns, but Fast Sofa would've benefited from the additional resolution an anamorphic widescreen presentation would have offered. A few portions scattered throughout, though, are substantially grainier than the rest. This is a rather colorful movie, and its hues tend to be bold and vibrant without any associated bleeding or the like. I'm guilty of half-assed proofreading. Around half-way in, after enjoying maybe a total of five or six minutes on-screen, Jack and Tamara are completely forgotten. Very Underrated thepartydjz 1 September This film will strike a chord with those that appreciate such films as "Repo Man" and other "cult classics". Fast Sofa Review By Christopher Null I found Fast Sofa, the novel, in the discount bin in early , intrigued that it came with a rpm vinyl soundtrack attached right into the binding. Also worth mentioning is Tilly's character's favorite song, the classic rock ballad "I'm in You" by Peter Frampton, if there is a hidden meaning in this film then this is as deep as it gets. There's not even the traditional "let's revisit the characters" montage in the final reel that I was expecting. Next to nothing is resolved, and the ending comes rather abruptly. The title 'Fast Sofa' should be enough of an indication that this is a weird one. If you're tired of typical Hollywood flicks you will find this film very refreshing.

Sex scenes from movie fast sofa

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  1. Generally, these are relegated to the numerous split-screen effects, such as Tamara and Jack hanging about the Great Outdoors around the 25 minute mark.

  2. Few actors grate on my nerves in quite the same way as Jennifer Tilly and Shasta McNasty himself, Jake Busey, and the prospect of watching the two of them for minutes wasn't outrageously appealing.

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