Sex pay per view video

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With good porn pay per view programs, you only pay what you really really wanted to see. He calls the movies "amenities" that are far more important to guests than the bottom line. That's an economic reality.

Sex pay per view video

A traveler, for example, might see a movie with a porn star such as Jenna Jameson or Kobe Tai and decide to rent movies with the same stars for his home, or purchase more of their movies on his next business trip. LodgeNet employs a full-time statistician and additional consultants who try to match tape supply with demand to maximize sales. Another thing is that there is specific time as to when a particular video will be shown. But after the money is spent, cable businesses can become cash cows. For the big money, porn movies, as well as feature films and video games, account for a tiny slice of hotel profits, Rohr says. Movies can be downloaded to the computer via high-speed lines and satellite links. Two companies, On Command Corp. While adult movies are the most controversial segment of the business, they also keep it alive. On Command's partners are some of the biggest chains in the business, including Marriott, Sheraton and Hyatt. Aside from that, pay per view porn allows you the freedom to watch porn at your desired time. But the movies remain popular even in regions of the country known for their conservative attitudes. Still, only one of every 10 guests purchases a movie of any type, said Bailey Dalton, who follows the industry for C. Their duties include driving from hotel to hotel and loading new tapes, which have been copied from master prints, into machines as the movie lineup changes. Though hotels account for less than 2 percent of Vivid's revenue, they are an important marketing tool. When a visitor buys a movie, the television signals the deck holding the correct tape in the video room to switch on. The in-room entertainment companies figure much of the same economics apply to their business. Disclosure might threaten the several hundred million dollars that flow through U. It flies straight through the corporate expense reporting system for payment. This is because you are only paying for what you wanted to see. That's because sex films are both popular and profitable. That's an economic reality. Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton and the other large hotel chains keep that a secret. There is also the option to stream videos. For a porn flick, only 20 percent to 25 percent goes to the studio. Hotels constantly write off a percentage of the purchases for guests who dispute their bills. In an era when 15 million homes get television from a satellite, the typical business traveler is watching a pay-per-view film that is running off a videocassette player.

Sex pay per view video

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  1. A large hotel might have double that number of decks and offer up to 40 separate movie titles. Movies can be downloaded to the computer via high-speed lines and satellite links.

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