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Before we go there through, could you describe or confirm your scenario? Everything a company does is profit oriented. You'll need to setup CAS policies to give the location you published to full trust.


This is because we don't want a mobile user to be forced to download the large teaser video, so it's more responsible to give them just the image. The downside to this is that some black borders will appear on each side of the video, since the aspect ratio now will be wrong. They will not be missing out on any content, since the teaser video is just a shortened version of the full one. The image element will be wrapped inside a container, which will be resized with Javascript. We will be creating a header video that is mobile friendly and degrades gracefully back to IE8. Next, you'll need to write some ASP. It that what you're doing? Create a responsive header video with graceful degradation Published March 3, A video in the header can be a great addition for creating a certain feel to a website. Updated Username with merger. Publish build the project and deploy to your web server. If what you've done is stupid but it works, then it really isn't that stupid at all. Typically you'd have a workbook template in mind that depending on what the user selects on some web page, your app will populate the Excel workbook on the server and send it to the client. He is the primary author of the Sysinternals tools and website, which include dozens of popular Windows administration and diagnostic utilities. You'll need to setup CAS policies to give the location you published to full trust. They wanted to please their fans. You can see all the code, and fork it on Github. He co-founded Winternals Software and joined Microsoft in when it was acquired. Add code to this workbook to populate the workbook appropriately using the cached data. Copyright Common terms and phrases affinity affinity mask allocations application architecture cache Chapter checks Click client Cmd. Mark is a widely recognized expert in distributed systems and operating systems. They wanted to minimize losses on development, reuse assets from a scrapped project, remove story content and characters to cut down years of projected development time. Graceful degradation for browser without Javascript enabled. Sign in to vote Hi, You've got two potential choices and your choices are limited depending on which version of Excel you're targeting. The video header always follow the videos aspect ratio when resizing to avoid black borders on the side of the iFrame. Lets create a function that creates our iFrame that will later be appended:


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