Sandy eggo

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I love my adopted home. Aroma is medium sweet, pine, some caramel, light lemon peel. Assertive IPA with complex hop flavors.

Sandy eggo

If you're one of the few lucky souls that lives within an earshot of your work Getting out of downtown in the evening can be a true test of patience Aroma is medium sweet, pine, some caramel, light lemon peel. Lots of caramel sweetness and body. But as someone who's driven from one end of this place to the other at every time of day imaginable, we have traffic. Beyond the weather, there's a certain atmosphere ha! San Diego, get it? Light-medium body, light resin. Botanical Also, it's real purty at night. It certainly wasn't overnight These guys spend some money on hops for a small brewpub. You have to act like a total baby if the temperature gets too far below Pine, grapefruit, floral, fruit, caramel, fish cake. Slightly hazy golden amber color, big fluffy off white head. I love that "beach culture" everyone talks about. Of course, we aren't fully immune to the trappings of big city life. Aroma is grapefruit, apricot, and sugar. Light sweetness and medium bitter finish. I love that we don't freak out if we don't get our food within 4. The moment you land in San Diego after dodging downtown high rises everything relaxes. Medium body, strong aroma, white foamy head. The weather is certainly up there. Taste is moderately sweet, orange peel, grapefruit, light caramel, pine. Taste is bitter, very fruity, and a bit sweet. Some are more for tourists Tap at Smoke and Barrel.

Sandy eggo

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  1. San Diego, get it? It's pretty hard to beat as far as having a pleasant relaxing afternoon goes.

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