Robert hamburg police report sex scandel

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Further raids were reported from Kalk, Cologne ; and Ahlen. The police arrested three main suspects, all ages 17, 19, and The suspects were also found in possession of a piece of paper with Arabic-German translations of derogatory sexual terms and phrases including "I want sex with you" and "I will kill you". According to the police, the suspects of these sexual assaults had a Turkish and Lebanese "migration background". According to initial reports by the BBC , eight suspects, all asylum seekers, were detained in Cologne, though no official statement on their involvement was made.

Robert hamburg police report sex scandel

Ten of the 19 were asylum seekers, nine of whom had arrived in Germany after September ; the other nine suspects may have been residing in the country illegally. The Moroccan was one of the suspects in the Cologne assaults, and had applied for asylum in Switzerland. Of the 19 suspects identified on 11 January, 14 were men from Morocco and Algeria. Two Germans and one U. There were conflicting reports about the number of detainees. The detainee was a year old Algerian who was living in an refugee camp in Kerpen. Eight people were in investigative custody. Three suspected asylum seekers, ages 28 to 31, were arrested, and additional suspects are being sought by the police. Days later, the German Federal Criminal Police Office said the incidents were, "A phenomenon known in some Arab countries as taharrush jamai" translated as "group sexual harassment". Tomorrow I will go and get new papers. Mrs Merkel has invited me! The BKA announced their intention to investigate the facts about such incidents in all German federal states and learn how to combat them. They consisted mostly of personal injuries, but also included 22 sexual offences. The prosecutor's office could initiate 58 criminal investigations against 83 persons. The posters were hung up near airports, railway stations, and refugees' residences. He was recognised by a security guard of a refugee reception center in Hamburg. Both were said to be asylum seekers. The press reported the case of two teenage girls, ages 17 and 18, who were encircled and molested by a group of ten young men. In addition, a year-old girl and a year-old woman were sexually assaulted. According to initial reports by the BBC , eight suspects, all asylum seekers, were detained in Cologne, though no official statement on their involvement was made. In Ahlen, only of registered persons were found during the raid; the others had fled. Along with seven alleged accomplices, he was accused of sexual assaulting the victims out of a group. Around 50 percent of those present lived under false identities. Four persons were underage, unaccompanied refugees. In the case of the year-old victim, a year-old man from Turkey was arrested as a suspect. Further sexual assaults by migrants were reported from public festivals in Wolfhagen and Herborn.

Robert hamburg police report sex scandel

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  1. The police had to deploy additional forces on 7 February, and the security situation at Carnival was tense.

  2. On March 9, police released further photos, one showing a man firing a weapon into the air; officials clarified that no one was injured by the gunshot.

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