Psychosexual stage theory

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Fixation and conflict may prevent this with the consequence that sexual perversions may develop. The little boy then sets out to resolve this problem by imitating, copying and joining in masculine dad-type behaviors. His theory of psychosexual development focuses on the effects of sexual pleasure on one's psyche.

Psychosexual stage theory

Electra , by Sophocles. According to Carl Gustav Jung, who did not agree with Freud about girls too experiencing the Oedipus complex, girls experience Electra conflict and suffer from a penis envy. The person is generally stubborn and perfectionist. Stages of Development Believing that most human suffering is determined during childhood development, Freud placed emphasis on the five stages of psychosexual development. Genital Stage This stage occurs from puberty till death, which is also the period when children reach sexual maturity. His theoretical thoughts were as original as they were unique. Oral Stage year In the first stage of personality development, the libido is centered in a baby's mouth. The girl resolves this by repressing her desire for her father and substituting the wish for a penis with the wish for a baby. The ego and superego develop in order to exercise this control and direct the need for gratification into socially acceptable channels. It is during these stages of development that the experiences are filtered through the three levels of the human mind. Irrationally, the boy thinks that if his father were to find out about all this, his father would take away what he loves the most. Any neuroses established during the fourth, latent stage, of psychosexual development might derive from the inadequate resolution either of the Oedipus conflict or of the Ego's failure to direct his or her energies towards socially acceptable activities. Phallic 3 — 5 year of age: It has been the focus of many additions, modifications, and various interpretations given to its core points. During the phallic stage what the boy loves most is his penis. Yet, thwarting of the oral-stage — too much or too little gratification of desire — might lead to an oral-stage fixation , characterised by passivity, gullibility, immaturity, unrealistic optimism , which is manifested in a manipulative personality consequent to ego malformation. The other possible outcome is an anal expulsive personality, which is defined by a lack of self control, carelessness, and messy behavior. The girl then represses her feelings to remove the tension and identifies with the mother to take on the female gender role. Therefore, the satisfactory parental handling and resolution of the Oedipus complex and of the Electra complex are most important in developing the infantile super-ego, because, by identifying with a parent, the child internalizes morality , thereby, choosing to comply with societal rules, rather than having to reflexively comply in fear of punishment. Frustration, Overindulgence, and Fixation Some people do not seem to be able to leave one stage and proceed on to the next. The psychoanalyst Freud noted that "Hans had to be told many things that he could not say himself" and that "he had to be presented with thoughts, which he had, so far, shown no signs of possessing". Etymology Freud was a one of a kind thinker. Whereas boys develop castration anxiety , girls develop penis envy that is rooted in anatomic fact: The ideal resolution of the id—ego conflict is in the child's adjusting to moderate parental demands that teach the value and importance of physical cleanliness and environmental order, thus producing a self-controlled adult. Direct sexual feelings towards others lead to sexual gratification. His ideas may thus still be used as metaphors for actual developmental issues.

Psychosexual stage theory

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  1. She further proposed the concept of " womb and vagina envy ", the male's envy of the female ability to bear children; yet, contemporary formulations further develop said envy from the biologic child-bearing to the psychologic nurturance , envy of women's perceived right to be the kind parent. In describing human personality development as psychosexual Freud meant to convey that what develops is the way in which sexual energy accumulates and is discharged as we mature biologically.

  2. Anal stage The second stage of psychosexual development is the anal stage , spanning from the age of eighteen months to three years, wherein the infant's erogenous zone changes from the mouth the upper digestive tract to the anus the lower digestive tract , while the ego formation continues. To explain this Freud suggested the analogy of military troops on the march.

  3. Freud thus considered a girl's Oedipal conflict to be more emotionally intense than that of a boy, potentially resulting in a submissive woman of insecure personality. The girl then represses her feelings to remove the tension and identifies with the mother to take on the female gender role.

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