Personal questions to ask a girlfriend

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Where were you born? Do you celebrate you birthday with your friends or family? What moment would summarize her best? Did you had any relation in past?

Personal questions to ask a girlfriend

Every day you learn something new, with this question, you will discover if that person is curious, how he faces his mistakes, if he gets positive experiences and learns from them, or if on the contrary he sinks. Differences are good, but some things must be shared. With this question we will not possibly find out any of his clear ideas, but if he is really a determined person he will tell you that he chooses black or white, being an indication that he is honest and will not hide in any compromised situation. If you could take a single photograph of your life, what would it look like? When you are angry what is the best way to change your mood? Would you move with me, if I got a good job and had to move away? What music do you listen to the most? Have you ever dreamed of being an actress? Did you had any relation in past? What is your current desktop picture? How was your childhood? Does she appreciate white lies or total truth? Help her cross that item off her bucket list. Sometimes our minds change all of a sudden. Here are 4 personal, deep questions to ask your girlfriend: Are there any places you would love to travel to? If the world froze for an afternoon and only you could move and no one could see you or remember what you did, what would you do? What moment would summarize her best? For most of human history, the entire point of a relationship was to make and raise babies. This is an important possibility to plan for. Respect that and try and get to know the people she cares about. The key to getting an honest answer is being open and non-judgmental. If you could change one thing about your childhood, what would it be? In another 5 years from now, where do you see us? So many delicious possibilities!

Personal questions to ask a girlfriend

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  1. It is a disguised way of asking which is the material object with the most value for your companion.

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