Omnipotent omniscient and omnibenevolent

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God has a bucket of water and the disposition to use it. When you steal someone's television, it does no good to tell them that you only did it because you have a special love for the person he would be without a television. Then he is malevolent. God is known to violate his own morality. Altering someone's ability to impact others, in any way, removes their free will.

Omnipotent omniscient and omnibenevolent

You just don't get it[ edit ] Then there are those theists who just toss it all in a black box and say "Somehow God will work it out. Having free will to decide on accomplishing an action deemed evil is not the same as being able to accomplish it. See that article for more. Can God change what He knows what will happen tomorrow? This leaves a believer either with a god too weak to stop murders much less create a universe or life or a god that won't solve the problem of evil, both of which believers usually will not accept. Yes, if He chooses. Go read the comment threads at even a liberal new atheist blog, such as PZs, and read the class and at times regional derision. Plantinga labels this assumption "Leibniz' Lapse" and convincingly argues it to be fallacious. Therefore, any point my opponent makes that is representative of a God who does NOT meet these qualifications, must be discarded as an invalid argument against my resolution. Furthermore, "free will" is merely the ability to choose among available options. Have you ever said Yes to a single joy? This argument is of the form modus tollens , and is logically valid: Able, Willing[ edit ] If a god is able and willing to prevent evil, then evil should not exist. Christians infer from this story that, whatever the reason God allows evil and suffering, it is not that God does not care since he was willing to put himself through all that just to grant salvation nor that he just sits in his ivory tower telling us to buck up since he was willing to put his money where his mouth is, so to speak, and endure the same stuff he allows us to go through nor that he abandons us since he is willing to travel side-by-side with mankind, down here in the trenches Evil being the absence of God[ edit ] See the main article on this topic: Even if we accept this, not all evil appears to help achieve any greater goals, such as the death of babies before they reach sentience or the death of innocents. It is not the idea they will do anything. I want you to just take a moment, since [religious apologists] are so interested in the downtrodden and the helpless — imagine how she must have begged Him. Evil is the absence of God This argument claims that evil exists only in the negative space surrounding God, analogous to how darkness is just the lack of light, or how cold is really just the lack of heat. Instead, he just continuously hurts random people in cute little ways, like toe stubbings and mass shootings, and hopes we get the message about the even worse suffering he will inflict later. You guys are pretty damn smart, and thats the problem. The consequences of these actions, not the actions themselves, lead to suffering. In their mind, he does good things — rainbows, children's laughter, shit like that. There ARE some things that an omnipotent God cannot do. The premise of a omnibenevelant god is a concept. He knows all of our lines in advance, and does not act to change the script. Given that, any answer we could come up with on the question of a benevolent God and the existence of evil is bound to be unsatisfying, for whatever reason, we don't have access to an answer to the question that will make sense or give us an understanding of how a benevolent God, who could construct a universe or a human experience that would achieve whatever end we can assign to the existence of evil that would also allow us to be free of suspicions about the benevolence of God. This was once very popular, but in modern times has seldom been used in debate in part because two world wars, the Holocaust, and the threat of nuclear obliteration have made many skeptical that they would be soulless in a happier world.

Omnipotent omniscient and omnibenevolent

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  1. To say that there is no possible world in which an omni-excellent God would permit suffering is to say that you have scaled the vast expanses of our universe, searched under every rock and in every chasm and crevice.

  2. Another version of this objection might be that we as created creatures really have no right to complain about God creating evil, for without evil we would not exist — in other words, when we are complaining about God creating evil, what we are really objecting to is our own existence, for the evil God creates is necessary to our own existence. The hypothesis of indifference, i.

  3. Imagine how she must have pleaded. One might wonder why most theists then support any attempts by people or governments to prevent the crimes which God apparently doesn't want to.

  4. From Item 2, this knowledge must be true. As my opponent noted, his syllogism accounts for "evil acts.

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