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What are you thankful for today? No work for three days! On the American side were three battalions of Marines under the command of Colonel Oscar Peatross, a hero of two previous wars.


SOBE Lifewater has come out with some new flavors in their 0 calorie drink line. Blood debt, han tu in Vietnamese, can mean revenge, debt of honor, or blood owed for blood spilled. Yes, it is, and it's just awesome. On the American side were three battalions of Marines under the command of Colonel Oscar Peatross, a hero of two previous wars. I love doing this blog post every week, as it gets me thinking about the past week and about the little things along with the big. No work for three days! I like this image, it's very informational. The nice thing about doing this blog post in the evening is that the mail and deliveries have come by the time I get home from work. Operation Starlite sent the Vietnam War into the headlines across the nation and into the minds of Americans, where it took up residence for more than a decade. Both are quite good. With this battle, the Johnson Administration began compiling its own blood debt, this one to the American people. The reader is planted squarely in America in , the year that truly began the long American involvement. The battle is seen from the mud level by those who were at the point of the spear. With decades of experience with insurrection and rebellion, the Marines were institutionally oriented to base the struggle on pacification of the population. What are you thankful for today? I had been drinking water from the fridge at home, and had a feeling the filter in it was just not doing the job might need to be replaced. The Army, on the other hand, having largely trained to meet the Soviet Army on the plains of Germany, opted for search-and-destroy missions against Communist main force units. All were accomplished combat veterans years before the U. But this is not just another war story told exclusively from the American side. The subtitle of the book is: You can use it in so many recipes and in so many ways for cooking. In researching the book, the author talked with and walked the battlefield with men who fought with the 1st Viet Cong Regiment. With Memorial Day this coming Monday, I have a three-day weekend! And, there's a leaf. Rest and fun is in order!


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