Namibian woman

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The Namibian woman behind her switched seats with her young son, who had shorter legs. I could hear her muttering. In some villages, a fee must be paid to a village head upon the allocation of land.

Namibian woman

Too good to last. They're all the same. And when we arrived, I nodded a good-bye to the hoodie-guys, shouldered my pack, and walked straight up the road to the main street. I could hear her muttering. In some villages, a fee must be paid to a village head upon the allocation of land. When I got to the lodge I'd booked, I turned on my laptop. Intercape filled up its own mini-bus and sent off one batch of passengers. I slunk down in my seat in horror. We'd arrived later this time. Where had we gone off-schedule? I didn't feel like crap. In this case, a male relative will be assigned to help the widow manage the property. I'm more of a living-human with despair issues now, and who's to say I wouldn't be that anyway with the cruel advent of middle age? The Women and Law Committee of the Law Reform and the Development Commission is working with the Customary Law Commission to involve traditional leaders in the adaptation of customary law to modern requirements which make discrimination against women unlawful. Since most of the men migrate to the urban areas for wage employment, the women must tend livestock and harvest and store the grain as well as run their households. A German-speaking grandma and her granddaughter also waited, and when the Cape Town bus came in, plenty of other passengers disembarked to wait too. And that's not all. I was delighted as it meant I didn't have to find my way to an Intercape stop in Namibia or Zimbabwe. The Dutch woman was a middle-aged development worker from West Africa who was here on her vacation. I blew up my neck pillow that I'd been dragging around in case of overnight bus journey and fell asleep, only waking up when the bus stopped at the glaringly bright signs of closed roadside petrol stations that operate as bus depots along the highway in Namibia. Comfortable, yes, but not one of the double-deck sleepers. But for their skin color, they seemed identical. I thought about pulling in at dawn ten years ago, thanking the stars I was still alive, when Oliver the German backpacker had taken over driving chores for the speed-demon pick-up-truck driver we'd hitched with at the Botswana-Namibia border, who had collapsed somewhere on the highway out west. The Intercape bus on this route isn't one of their bigger coaches. Women are the main food producers, but access to land, livestock, water, and fuelwood is determined for women by marriage arrangements and settlements. In late afternoon, the bus made its first stop in Namibia. In some areas, only men or widows and sometimes divorced women are eligible, and widows must reapply for permission to stay on their husband's land.

Namibian woman

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