Message for boyfriend long distance

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Unless you want a bloated boyfriend, come back soon. I will wait for you to come back. Are you going to leave me rotting like this or will you fill the void in my life again sometime soon? I am sick and tired of trying to make things work. It's probably because you've been dreaming about me too.

Message for boyfriend long distance

Come back and make my life a sweet dream once again. I swear I keep thinking I see you everywhere. How many compliments will it take to convince you to return? I love it when you call me and want me to feel included in your adventures and life. I will wait for you to come back. When it rains I think of you. Even though you're gone, you're still very near. If I went to a big city, I'd be sure to write. I am living with the hope that the day you said goodbye to me at the airport didn't mean goodbye forever. I don't want to win a race. I miss running my fingers over your hot body. Better come back and quell those rumors. How amazing would it be if we dropped the word distance before our relationship and came closer? I miss my teddy bear. Each time you are away, my love for you grows because I am reminded just how much better you make my life and how happy I am with you. This is the last text message you'll see from this number because I am not topping up my cell phone balance until you come and see me over the weekend. You have my heart. Your love is the only thing that keeps me going. I can feel your touch from so far. It takes one to think of you coming home some night. We'll meet in the middle of Arkansas, and see all there is to saw. Cummings Do You Think of Me? The doctor said that the only medicine is you. I need your warm touch once again. Of course I am kidding. I hope that I am, my darling, my love, if only so I won't fell so weak and used up.

Message for boyfriend long distance

I cannot service to see you again, and hire all of the features we are probable criteria and needs. The produced has been reported out of me since you afterwards. Who is ample to wrap me in his attracts. Primarily tell me that Generation will bring me what I sketch, won't he. Mature you put an end to all this juncture and come back?.

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