Lincoln mark viii engine swap

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It's just where the strut tower bar attaches to the firewall, you wont miss it. Also install the cobra manifolds and the motor mounts at this time. Got the Tuner in Sniper and it made a huge difference! It's tricky to get the radiator hoses done correctly.

Lincoln mark viii engine swap

Fuel lines are done and now are returnless rails. The mark throttle cable is a direct swap. You can delete the line going to the air injection system. This can be done without cutting and splicing. It's jsut as easy as removing the old transmisson and putting in the t This will keep the wiring harness centered in the engine bay. For me, this car is the ultimate daily driver. But finally, and more to your point - 2v PI vs. Next thing is to mod the oil pan pickup tube to have it sit deeper in the sump. I will have to try it and let you know. I sought out a Mark VIII specifically for this project, as the Mark engines have a particular set of advantages that no other modular engines have, namely: They offer them and I will put the part numbers in here later. And on top of allllll of that.. You can cut the stock GT bracket and bend it to bolt it to the mark bracket for simplicity. I am sure it could be done, need some wiring etc. Last edited by An82Mustang; at Rare bits of luck aside, it's unlikely that I'd come across a better deal than that on any other engine that would be a substantial improvement over mine. I sought out a Mark VIII specifically for this project, as the Mark engines have a particular set of advantages that no other modular engines have, namely: The dipstick tube will have to be bent slightly to install the motor mount on the drivers side. Next thing to do is head over to your local Ford dealer and get some Cobra parts. All that said, my one consistent gripe about the car and the most complex and potentially costly to fix has been its relative lack of power. Last edited by An82Mustang; at All that is immeasurably valuable to me and the way I like to do things. I recommend getting a coolant crossover tube since it has places for two temperature sensors. Using a Mark VIII Engine I know this has been done a fiew times but there were still alot of unanswered questions for me so I started to preform this swap and have figured alot of them out.

Lincoln mark viii engine swap

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  1. Where it would be between the intake and cam covers the coil harness can now be pulled out of the wiring harness. So, faced with either putting a lot of labor time and a small chunk of cash into it to freshen it up and have the same power, I found an extraordinarily cheap Mark VIII that ran well with less than half my mileage that I can simply transplant with a minimum of fuss.

  2. You can bolt the mounts to the K member, but I don't recommend it. I am going to get it tuned later on because I am sure that I am leaving power on the table, but the GT computer will control the motor just fine with it completely stock.

  3. You will also have to thread the second coolant sensor from the GT in at this time. Just drill a small hole to slide it over the barb and use an "E" clip to hold it on.

  4. As I plan to supercharge this engine at some point down the line, its ability to handle additional power is very important to me. I have heard that you can use the tach signal comming out of the computer to run the RPM switch.

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