Liar liar a goose

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When Ace Ventura suffers a spear to one quad and then a second spear to his other quad during a duel with an African tribesman in When Nature Calls, the laughs are in no short supply. Meanwhile, Fletcher is in danger of losing his own son when Audrey moves to Boston. In the meantime, what do you say we get down to business?

Liar liar a goose

When asked who did it, he describes the assailant-himself-as "A madman, your honor! For instance when he's pulled over by the police Fletcher seems incapable of reserving his 5th amendment right to stay silent, or simply say "yes" when asked if he knows why he was pulled over. Really 17 Years Old: Villain Has a Point: When the judge asks Fletcher how he's doing this morning, Fletcher replies with, "I'm a little upset about a bad sexual episode last night. When he doesn't cancel things the last minutes. Occurs when Fletcher's busty new neighbor is introduced. I'm reaping what I sow, Iā€”[claps both hands heavily over his mouth, while involuntarily ranting] Sleeping Their Way to the Top: It'll happen more and more. Fletcher beats the ever-living crap out of himself in the bathroom so that the court session could be postponed. Fletcher manages the rare feat of delivering one to himself, courtesy of the truth-telling curse. Getting Speared in the Legs in 'When Nature Calls' Morgan Creek Productions Some might call violence a cheap ground for humor, but physical comedians like Carrey can turn an easy gag into something masterfully crafted. Running from the Cops in 'I Love You Phillip Morris' Everett Collection Not one that will spring immediately to mind when considering Carrey's funniest movies, but I Love You Phillip Morris offers a comically brilliant telephone conversation between Carrey and wife Leslie Mann while the former is on the run literally from the police after committing a few heavy felonies. When forced to tell the senior partners what he really thinks of them, he saves himself from near-certain firing when the chairman thinks he's being roasted and starts laughing. Putting aside the fact that this wouldn't work in real life see Hollywood Law , above , the fact remains this was a case of a rich, older guy marrying a year-old girl apparently thinking she was Sleeping with the Boss: Your honor, I object! One of the main conflicts between the Coles. Played for Laughs when the judge asks if that's true to which a bewildered - and still forced to tell the truth - Fletcher responds, "It has to be! They end up in stitches laughing, loving the no-holds barred roasting. If I keep making this face [makes a face] will it get stuck that way? Inverted - Fletcher uses men's mysteries to get a recess in the court, citing a link between a full bladder and male prostate issues and counting on the judge not knowing whether this is medically accurate or not. And he demonstrates a zig-zagging inability not to tell the direct truth ā€” he never tells the judge he's ill but then talks as if he is, but when asked if he can proceed with the trial after his "mugging", he says yes instead of simply stating he'd prefer not to. In an interesting example, Fletcher realizes that he's the villain at the end, when he wins millions for his client through Loophole Abuse. Performing as Tony Clifton in 'Man on the Moon' Everett Collection Admittedly, this one might not be "laugh out loud" funny, but Carrey's commitment to the absurdly disgusting Tony Clifton role himself a construction of Carrey's character Andy Kaufman in this biopic is nothing short of admirable.

Liar liar a goose

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  1. Fletcher ends doing this to a room full of executives once his boss finds his insults hilarious. When the judge asks Fletcher how he's doing this morning, Fletcher replies with, "I'm a little upset about a bad sexual episode last night.

  2. Max is constantly annoyed at how Fletcher is always late to meet him. See "Long List" above for a quote from the scene.

  3. Really 17 Years Old: A delightfully bonkers Ace Ventura drives his jeep off the road and through the African jungle, spitting out the lyrics to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" as his passenger trembles in fear.

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