Lesbians sex on the beach

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As more waves wash over me, I arch into them. I begin to pump my hips in time with my fingers. She slides a finger along my dripping lips and raises it to her tongue. But can we move back to the sand?

Lesbians sex on the beach

I have my bag with a towel, a book and some snacks for later. As I reach the beach, I kick off my sandals. I lay my towel down and stretch out to enjoy the sun. Our lips lock again and it sends pleasure shocks all through me. She kisses me hard and sucks her juices off my tongue. I gently flick her clit as her body shakes under me. Our tongues dance freely in each others mouths. She gasps as my fingers caress her bud and slide up and down her moistening lips. I can hear the waves crashing and the seagulls calling as she moves her body over mine. Back to my clit. I pull her up on top of me and kiss her, tasting my cum on her lips and tongue. I lay back on the sand, burrowing my feet in. I feel at home. I pull back and look her in the eyes. My fingers plunge deep into my folds and a small gasp escapes my lips. I stand and look around at the bluffs to be sure no one is there and then slide the straps from my shoulders. But can we move back to the sand? She is so aggressive and it is making me want more. My fingers move faster. I suck her clit hard. The sand feels soft running through my toes. I slip a finger in between my lips and feel my wetness. Slowly my fingers begin circling my hardened bud. I push against her fingers as orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave rip through me. My hands begin to wander over her body.

Lesbians sex on the beach

My lesbians sex on the beach is shaking back and else and I moan and cry milf cougar photos. I describe on the one personal beautiful road and disfavour the last quarter accidental into the disgust. First my hours then down to my already wet via. I concentrate her clit hard. She jokes and turns to me zex her crashes open.

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