Lamb island

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At the same time, despite all the lifestyle positives and recreational opportunities, living here isn't for everyone which is a big part of what makes it so appealing to those who do. Inter-island travel is free. The trip between Lamb Island and Redland Bay takes around twenty minutes.

Lamb island

Lamb Island's relative isolation and its small size combine to make it something like a 'gated community' — for the most part only the local residents or their visitors come here, and because everyone knows each other at least by sight, anyone who doesn't belong soon gets noticed. Alternatively, Woolworths home-deliver online orders to Lamb Island once a week. Posts Atom All about Lamb Island: Whatever the choice, most of us happily consider any extra effort a more-than-fair trade-off for the advantages of living such a natural and laidback island lifestyle — free of pollution, traffic, noise, crime, hustle-and-bustle, and angst. To begin with, the only 'shopping experience' on the island is the kiosk. Vehicular barges also service the islands from Redland Bay every two hours or so. Victoria Point just a few minutes drive further or via regular bus services is a booming regional shopping centre with everything one could need including cinemas, restaurants, and a council library. Redland Bay offers comprehensive shopping facilities a kilometre from the mainland jetty. Others take the barge to do a major shop every so often, fill the car, then scurry back to the relative peace of the island. On Lamb Island, you'll find a welcoming easy-going community, fresh air, open vistas, and a balmy climate that's usually a couple of degrees cooler than Brisbane in Summer, and as warm again in Winter. High school students go to the mainland, where special buses meet them. Residential development has been limited largely due to transport costs of materials and additionally many waterfront lots suffer from erosion, especially those on the high South Eastern end of the island. The islands are also serviced by islands-based paramedics, with an ambulance permanently stationed on each island, and a dedicated ambulance boat for transfers to the mainland. History[ edit ] Lamb Island has a rich history of food production dating back to the early s. Inter-island travel is free. Surrounded by the tranquil waters of Moreton Bay, these islands offer what is arguably the last relatively unspoilt coastal residential environment in South-East Queensland, and still something of a secret even to Brisbane people, let alone the rest of Australia. Lamb Island Pioneer Hall [5] Mango Trees on Tina Avenue which were planted over years ago by the acclimatization society [6] Jetty Shed which has been restored by the local island community group and was used for loading local produce onto the merchant boats [6] [7] Home located on Tina Avenue which was one of the original farm houses, then served as the local post office and telephone exchange. There's also the security factor. One of the well known attractions was Peggy Saunders' garden parties. And while it carries a surprisingly wide range of basic needs, most locals shop off-island for meat, liquor, groceries, and so on, bringing them home on the waterbus with specially dedicated areas for passengers' personal 'freight'. At just two kilometres long and at its widest only one kilometre across, Lamb Island is home to around four hundred residents, and is arguably the most lifestyle-friendly island of the four. There's also a community hall, public tennis court, and a first-aid facility. The island consisted of numerous small farms which supplied produce to the mainland Brisbane market. The Roo would also transport supplies from Brisbane for the island's residents and weekend trippers who would visit the island. And yes, in case it needs to be said, the islands have mains power, land-line phone including broadband and town water connected, plus a weekly council garbage collection. Due to the unique micro climate created by the islands geographic locationn its extremely fertile volcanic soil and the pure sand aquifers that run beneath it, the farmers were able to supply superior produce to the mainland market earlier than their mainland competitors. Relevant posts about the island:

Lamb island

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  1. Redland Bay offers comprehensive shopping facilities a kilometre from the mainland jetty.

  2. And yes, in case it needs to be said, the islands have mains power, land-line phone including broadband and town water connected, plus a weekly council garbage collection.

  3. In recent years, with the popularity and resurgence of organic food, the island is gaining a reputation for its unique micro climate and organically grown produce.

  4. Inter-island travel is free. The island has remained largely undeveloped with the majority of the small residential lots being left as vacant land.

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