Knights of columbus freemasons

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A person who is a Mason can not be a practical Catholic because he belongs to an organization that has a written constitution contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Kennedy in in the West Virginia Democratic primary. So to conclude we have another confusion maybe, to the term Knight with regard sorting out the differences. Such have been the attempts at pitting the honorable Catholic religious fraternity, the Knights of Columbus, against Freemasonry.

Knights of columbus freemasons

Although branded by a US Congressional Committee in as a fake used by American bigots, the bogus oath was used against Democratic candidate Alfred E. His objection was quite clear to me, I had sympathy with the dilema. It's too bad that there are bigots everywhere and that one person can so poison the well. A person who is a Mason can not be a practical Catholic because he belongs to an organization that has a written constitution contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Now there is no actual proof of this but there are many coincidential threads of evidence. Now dont get me wrong here the Church has every right to its own opinion and the enforcement of that opinion. The answer is no! The real problem as I understand it is , the Cannon does not actually name Freemasonry. My experience with this issue goes back some way, I had long debates with a Catholic Priest about 10 years ago. But even Catholic Masons, can not join the Knights of Columbus. The Holy See is the Vatican. Both are fraternal societies. You can not keep your word to both. They Never Said It: There task was to make safe passage to the Holy Land. Most of us know some good Christians who are our neighbors, fishing buddies, relatives, etc. However , please correct me if I am wrong, but there was then a confirmation of the Cannon that quite clearly stated it was no longer a matter for the local Priest and was considered an absolute. This tactic can garner interest but in the end, it is always revealed as a hate tactic. Which has no direct link to the Original Knights, but uses there story to emulate some of the traits of the order. There is a further note of disquiet between the Church and Masonry. In an October version of a Knights of Columbus circular flier in , there was this admonition on the bottom, really more of a CYA after the fact. This oath resurfaces from time to time to be used by - strangely enough - individuals whose hatred for the Catholic Church seems exceeded only by their hatred for Freemasonry. Smith in the presidential campaign and again against John F. A Catholic who is a Mason can resign his membership in the Masons and thereby become eligible to become a KC. How many Knights have actually read it at the bottom of the page?

Knights of columbus freemasons

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