Indoor skydiving greensboro nc

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Order Your Gift Certificates Online! From interest to experience, we can make it happen! The Art of Videography Not just anyone can skydive, let alone do it while actively filming and framing camera shots! To be successful, a potential videographer must go through multiple levels of trial and error.

Indoor skydiving greensboro nc

If you are considering using one of our videographers, please try to let us know in advance. After 25 successful jumps, the student will be able to receive their certification. The Art of Videography Not just anyone can skydive, let alone do it while actively filming and framing camera shots! Your friends and family can only capture a fraction of the action from the ground. We are totally committed to making this experience as awesome for you as it is for us! It records things from a very real first-person perspective. This teaches deployment at the appropriate time. All of the fun with none of the commitment! There are no real regulations that dictate the type of training involved in skydiving videography. This allows your instructor to attach to you. Our skilled instructors will still walk you through the process, and you can experience skydiving for the pure joy of doing it! Students can receive the certification after 25 successful solo jumps. Skydiving videographers combine a love of jumping with a love of filming and they are a really unique profession. This is more than just a job to them and they take your success pretty personally. Ask about our Accelerated Free Fall program and get there faster! Our gift certificates for our Tandem skydives and Level One Accelerated Free Falls are good at any one of our locations for a period of two years. Reach us at today! Greensboro, North Carolina Turn interest into action by Calling today! It can be next to impossible! Our Professional Videography Package This is an actual licensed skydiver who follows you throughout your entire jump while videotaping every moment. Our instructors pass their enthusiasm on to their students on both the ground and in the air. This pedestrian-friendly area offers access to the beautiful Greensboro Center City Park, neighboring the City Cultural Center, and so much more! Those ambitious enough to consider filming while jumping will need to have access to indoor jump facilities. Whether this is just something to check off of your bucket list or the beginning of a lifelong career, our instructors want you to get the most out of every experience. This is a slightly pricier option, but completely worth it for the finished product! Order Your Gift Certificates Online!

Indoor skydiving greensboro nc

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