Ignoring a man you like

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The strange part is — a guy can ignore a woman purposely or by accident or by being too busy and wrapped up in his own affairs to notice the things around them. Is it a way to validate how he feels about you? The only idea to tame a guy who seems to not be bothered with your relationship is to show him your weapon you will use when he messes with you. I get too conscious that I overthink.

Ignoring a man you like

You barely know him, but something in your gut says "I just really want to get to know this guy". Answered Jul 28, Instead of just giving you a answer I'm going to paint a picture for you. You meet said guy. We are not insensitive but we are indeed highly sensitive people trying to be insensitive. I know its playing mind games but I think I could really get your attention by not treating you special at all even though it could mean the exact opposite deep inside of me. It all boils down to rejection, the thing we are most afraid of. This guy — it may go without saying BUT, if you ignore him back you more than likely going to amp up his attraction AND drive him crazy. Are you still wondering if it will drive him crazy or not? Share on Facebook Share this photo on Facebook Sometimes, when you ignore a person, you can achieve surprisingly more than if you do not do it. It does NOT feel good at all if you get such signs from someone! It makes him think that he must have you. Then we eventually end up misunderstood or stereotyped as not interested, insensitive or manipulative; that our loved ones slip away because they may feel unimportant and unloved but in fact, they mean the world to us. You don't ignore him, you space your conversations out. In order to hold onto him, try to make him believe he is disposable and that you are not. This falls under the self-involved man and as explained above — ignoring him might be good but this TYPE of guy might not fall entirely into that category. He wants to take control of everything, it literally drives him crazy that no matter how hard he struggles, the woman just really does not care enough to notice him. Don't want to seem to needy, too clingy, too "available". Then again you don't want to let time pass you bye. The more we want something, the harder we try to achieve it. This is how human psychology works. The irony is that as you become older your day's are filled with so many things you tend to do these things natrually. Men ignore women for lots of reasons. Something to say if you are there before gets there and he is late should be a simple text like "Fashionably late? It seems completely contradictory. It all depends on how you handle this complicated unexplainable feeling. Yes, it does happen.

Ignoring a man you like

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