If a guy says your pretty does he like you

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A beautiful woman is cute and has everything a good guy wants. You might catch him with a gaping mouth, or his eyes transfixed on you because you are simply jaw-dropping. You are cute because you profess independence. You smile all the time, and you create a welcoming presence. You have an innate gift that outshines the rest.

If a guy says your pretty does he like you

You are different from other pretty girls He finds you outstanding if you can go out without makeup. They want their friends to think their girl is just as pretty as they do. Instead, he will gladly hang out with you without the promise of sexual intimacy because he just loves being in the presence of a beautiful woman like you! You appeal to him on a physical level only. If he describes you as beautiful, in his eyes, you are one of a kind. So what does it really mean? He might add some light-hearted statements if he is really into you. This is what pisses off most men because they are looking into settling a simple woman who will not put their finances in jeopardy. So, feel good if a guy calls you cute. Beautiful, cute, hot, dope, pretty, and gorgeous are just words which carry different connotations to different men. Saying you are so pretty is his way of expressing his sexual thoughts in just a few words rather than making some naughty or creepy comments. When his eyes connect with yours, it makes him feel all giddy inside. You are classic, not trendy If you have a unique style you stick to, it means you are not moved by common trends. But this post shares what these words actually mean. He sees you as Miss Independent A cute girl is classy, witty, and open-minded. He will whip up one of his favorite dishes with hopes that it will bring the two of you closer together. He might be interested in more than a casual hookup, and that is why he is flirting to see if he can build a special relationship. What a guy means when he says you are cute To some girls, the word cute is demeaning, like referring to a cute little baby. A post shared by m. Sometimes, it could just be a sign of pure physical attraction. You cannot deny it - you also like this kind of compliment. It carries your overall package - your character, values, and personality. He wants you to know he is okay with your cute dressing A true friend will appreciate you. A post shared by I love u jaan i. To him, you have got all the goodies he wants from a woman and wants to hook up with you for one night stand.

If a guy says your pretty does he like you

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  1. When his eyes connect with yours, it makes him feel all giddy inside. Whatever adjective he prefers, you should definitely sit there and soak it all up.

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