I hate skinny girls

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These lyrics sparked concern. Here is my challenge to all the women of today. So, if clothes are against me, why would I want to inflict that struggle on someone else?

I hate skinny girls

While thin women especially thin, white women do get to operate autonomously in this world, that doesn't mean it's OK to skinny shame or exclude thinner women from the conversation. Why do we make it our mission to say nasty things to each other and make each other feel ugly inside? Here are all the ways I, as a big woman, see smaller girls getting excluded. Spread encouragement instead of despair. But the language we use about thinner women in body positivity matters. Skinny or fat, why do we teach girls to hate each other for their bodies? The biggest injustice is enduring pain at the hand of another woman no matter how she looks or who she is. I felt that my body, my choices, and my distinct lack of a thigh gap needed to have some kind of value, that being bigger than them also meant I was smarter, funnier, kinder, or more worthy to be around. When we suggest thin women need to change with "playful" remarks like "eat a cheeseburger. Why do we hate each other so much? She reminded me I was worthy of love when I couldn't love myself and has threatened to exact revenge on every shitty internet troll who has ever come for me. But a woman doesn't have to have actively lived through body dysmorphia or an eating disorder to gain respect or empathy. The world has taught big girls to believe that they lack confidence and will do anything and everything to please a man to or keep a friend. And despite the many things we had in common we even share the same name , take one look at us and you'd think we couldn't be more different. We spend zero amount and time on each other. It is summer, after all. In fact, there is no such thing as a Skinny Girl, only women of different body sizes, who have a million different methods and reasons for looking and feeling the way they do. In fact, I am probably the biggest pervert on earth when it comes to female bodies simply because I find every inch of their body beautiful. If they see differently shaped bodies in the media, even ones that are nothing like theirs and get something out of it, then more power to them. Each time we share something like this, we subconsciously reinforce the media-driven archetype for femininity. Having said that, my name is Jennifer. Skinny Girls, you see, are not really people. Here is my challenge to all the women of today. We feel shamed for having the breakfast sandwich, or not making it to the gym this week, or having a few ripples and dimples on our skin. This isn't a schoolyard or the blame game. How some women have drilled it into their skulls that image is a representation of who you are and of what you are as a person.

I hate skinny girls

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  1. Spread encouragement instead of despair. We don't need to highlight and share their stories — they are the status quo and are represented regularly.

  2. We spend worthless amounts of energy trying to teach young boys to be kind and loving but forget to teach the young girl how to love other young girls.

  3. The world has taught girls to think that skinny girls are mean and will steal your boyfriend or husband and are not the brightest crayon in the box.

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