I had sex with my cat

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Should I break it up? Intact cats are a different story. Male cats will still respond to a female in heat; occasionally, they will go after a spayed female as well.

I had sex with my cat

Is it normal that my cats are having sex? But what happens if two cats of the same litter mate? Female cats can have up to five litters a year about one every 10 weeks. Has your cat tried to mount and mate with another cat in your household? Siblings will mate without a second thought. Intact cats are a different story. How often do cats mate? If we were to leave Izumi un-spayed, she and Loki would probably be going at least every month for a week straight. Without pregnancies, they will go into heat every three weeks on average. You should, however, make sure your veterinarian is qualified and comfortable with the procedure. Animals will be animals. Inbreeding can result in birth defects, which include serious health conditions that can be fatal. Should I break it up? Female cats can go into heat at as young as four months. Does that even happen? As some of you know, Loki and Izumi have gotten quite close. They can have a litter of kittens at as young as six months. You heard right — barbed penis. If you have any tips on how to deal with a situation like this, leave a comment! The lack of sex hormones really dampens the mood. Male cats neutered sooner rather than later have much less chance of developing sexual urges. Munchkin cats, for instance, often suffer from joint problems due to their stubby legs. What if it becomes a habit? Cats can be spayed or neutered as young as eight weeks. One rather disturbing tidbit I discovered while researching this was that veterinarians will do cat abortions. What Can I Do?

I had sex with my cat

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