How to use feminine energy to connect with a man

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Be true to you. He was looking for a place to hold a workshop. But yin feminine energy is usually more dominant in women and yang masculine energy usually more dominant in men. Alpha males will never be attracted to how much energy and effort you put out to meet them.

How to use feminine energy to connect with a man

As for your question…. When you are connected to the bright side of your feminine, you know. She is secure and confident, thus, she does not need to call him every five minutes to know his whereabouts. Looking back you feel you did nothing wrong. You had wonderful conversations and great times together and he showed signs that he was into you, and then out of the blue he became distant and now what!! Timing is Everything Lastly is timing. All she does is become loving, welcoming, relaxed and laid back when she is with him. We are wired to manifest more pleasure than most of us have experienced. His struggles and flaws. And feminine energy is receptive and nurturing. Not overly concerned with what others think. It all boils down to the power of feminine energy. Relax and let go. She is confident and secure in her own skin. She only uses positive words instead of negative. Our emotional minds are connected to our bodies — where the mind goes the body follows In order to attract and connect with the man of your dreams, you need to be in control of your emotions. I, just like you, want love. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to know how to use feminine energy to connect with a man. They will already be attracted to you by your authentic feminine radiance. During your day, make it a practice to use all your senses. It is very difficult to find real authentic feminine woman where I live. Dark Expression of the Feminine The dark side of your feminine is expressed when you do things like… Have unenjoyable sex for security. The trick is to be honest with yourself about making the most of what God gave you. When you do this or stop doing the three previous things mentioned, your radiance will attract a man to you. If you want to attract a masculine man who is a great guy, be the kind of woman he wants.

How to use feminine energy to connect with a man

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  1. He will feel comfortable because he feels accepted and desired by you, irrespective of the issue at hand. I support women in reclaiming their bodies and speaking authentically from their hearts.

  2. Together, they become a power couple. The more ingrained your old patterns with the other were…the more you will notice him responding differently to you when you show up differently.

  3. Have you ever suffered a breakup, knowing it was for the best but went back to him anyway hoping things would change? Are you doing that?

  4. We inherited our beautiful bodies from our family gene pool, similar bodies to that of mothers and grandmothers and these female bodies are designed to receive pleasure. This is a wonderful way to protect yourself from attracting the wrong guy.

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