How to please an aries man sexually

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He is a sexual beast in bed. Aries men love to take their women from behind. Save your secrets for yourself and tell him only what he needs to know. When dating an Aries, make sure you let him take command or his ego will be bruised. When in a relationship with an Aries man, a woman might have to get used to his lifestyle and embrace his ways as one cannot force him to do anything.

How to please an aries man sexually

He will touch you in places nobody ever touched you before and you will feel like on cloud nine with him. Sex with an Aries man can be a whirl pool journey and he will always keep you on your toes. He needs to believe that you are the submissive one and he is the dominant one and that you will do everything that he asks of you. Make sure your hair and nails are done and you look your natural best. To keep his interest in you for long, you should come up with different and imaginative ways of sex. The Aries man will never be interest in a woman who is uncomfortable at bars or clubs, and he does not like to ever be a wall flower. Can be mushy and sentimental. When dating an Aries, make sure you let him take command or his ego will be bruised. The Aries man will keep on trying new positions and new styles of sex and would keep flipping his woman here and there. He loves any new form or position of sex. Find out more about what turns an Aries man on by clicking here. This playboy kind of attitude makes him even more famous among women. He prefers dominance while having sex and can be really rough with his partner. Try different positions If any zodiac sign likes the Kama Sutra book, it is an Aries. An Aries man will never hide anything from his partner and this helps to create a strong bond of trust between them. The Aries might take you from behind one moment and the other moment; he may push you against the wall! As soon as a thought or practice of some sort crosses his mind, he will set forth all his efforts to turn his fantasy into a mind-blowing reality. If you want to ignite his deepest passion and awaken the animal inside him, then show your Aries man your well-sculpted behind in your next act of sex and you will surely have a mind-boggling session of steamy sex. Let him do all that he wants to you and turn him on by saying something dirty from time to time. With well-groomed you also need to have a sharp wit and oodles of intelligence so that he can show you around as his 'trophy girlfriend'. He likes when you are wild and when you show him that you are enjoying every second in his company. What a beast, right? He loves to chase women and if a particular woman is really hard to get, he gets more fun out of it and tries even harder to win her over. Despite their bigger than life egos, an Aries will crumble in the sack if you criticize him even constructively Turn Ons: A post shared by A - Flow arieflowing on Aug 30, at 4: If you want to pleasure your Aries man and if you don't mind aggressive sex yourself you can try enacting a teacher student role play or Mr.

How to please an aries man sexually

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  1. He has his own opinion about that—he would rather have sex in the time that his partner tries to turn him on by foreplay. Pin 2shares Satisfying any man in bed is sometimes mission impossible, so the best way to be successful in doing your thing is knowing what he prefers.

  2. He is inclined to put his foot in it and being diplomatic is not his strong point,so be prepared to play it his way for a while. By doing that, you will show him who the real boss in bed is and that will make him want you even more.

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