How to determine the sex of a guinea pig

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Handle your pet guinea pigs very gently and quietly. In male guinea pigs, the testicles are huge: See this link for more information. Important note - when sexing guinea pigs, only keep guinea pigs restrained on their backs for a short period of time: Wear disposable gloves if handling newly-acquired guinea pigs whose background history, where they came from and so on is unknown, particularly if they show any signs of skin sores, hair loss bald spots , scaly skin, respiratory disease or diarrhea or if you already have healthy guinea pigs at home.

How to determine the sex of a guinea pig

These distances have been marked in orange to more clearly illustrate the differences between the two sexes. Multiple guinea pigs can be seated side by side and compared directly - the significant differences in genital anatomy between the two sexes should be easy to spot. Fully extrude the penis and make sure it looks clean and healthy. Look at the guinea pig pictures below. Instead of sitting just below the anus, heldwithin a discrete scrotal bag, the male guinea pig's testicles tend to be positioned just under the skin alongside the anus and penis unit one testicle on each side. How to sex guinea pigs - is your guinea pig male or female? This "Y" shape occurs even in very youngguinea pigs guinea pig babies and is a useful way of sexing even very young female cavies. You young male cavy will not be choosy and there is a high risk of new — and incest — pregnancy which may cause serious problems. Make sure you go to a vet who really knows what they are looking at. Sexing can be done at any age. It's a Boy or Is It a Girl? It is importantto note that these guinea pigs have been photographed laying on their backs this is why theanus is located below the genitals on each of the images. If you are at all unsure about the sex, do NOT take your pig to a pet store to ask them. Sexing guinea pigs - Copyright June 27, , Dr. Some basic dos and do nots when handling and sexing guinea pigs for the first time. Rest your guinea pigs on a clean towel on their backs or rumps holding them firmly, of course or supported firmly in your hands on their backs to examine their genitals. Sexing guinea pigs photo 9: The anus and penis marked in image 14 have been indicated in previous sections on guinea pig genital anatomy, however, no mention of the guinea pig's testicles testes and scrotum has previously been made up untilthis point. Handle guinea pigs roughly when sexing guinea pigs. As you hold a guinea pig on its back, the critter's anal opening is closest to the tail. A veterinarian experienced in small animals will be able to give you a positive identification of the gender of your guinea pig. The life of your guinea pig could depend on it. These are photographs of the anuses and genitalia of two individual guinea pig adults. If your buck is much younger than three weeks but its weight reaches g — separate him immediately! These are the same guinea pig photos presented before, whichshow the distances between the male cavy's anus and penis and the female cavy's anus and vulva respectively. Hold your guinea pigs firmly around the body chest and shoulders.

How to determine the sex of a guinea pig

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  1. If you have one or more male guinea pigs, you should be checking their genital area regularly about once a week or every other week. Before you try this yourself you have to first let you show this by a professional like a veterinerian.

  2. The first guinea pig is a young male and the second cavy is a young female. Sexing guinea pigs pictures 11 and

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