How to become indifferent to an ex

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Give back to the community. Then click the "Get Free Advice" button: But because anger is an intense emotion, it is antithetical to your goal of indifference toward your ex. I sometimes dwell on what she did to me during our relationship, not just the cheating, but the manipulation during and after it, the lying to everyone about us, just everything and it gets me so angry.

How to become indifferent to an ex

This is the first relationship I was like, wow I really love this girl and didn't care who knew about it. This may sound selfish, but after spending so many years as a "we," it's perfectly acceptable and necessary to concentrate on defining your "me. I suggest a bit of writing every day to help you think. I haven't seen this girl for 3 months, denied her any opportunity to get back with me, refused to see her, haven't had any form of contact for a month, everything. It will be hard at first to figure anything out given the crazy emotions you are feeling. It just infuriates me. Then click the "Get Free Advice" button: Sticking to that fundamental strategy can be the difference between success and failure, regardless of your overall objectives. They begin to feel like the "tossed out" one. The key is to recall what things were like in the beginning and recreate them. Then there are times I actually miss her! You have to stop worrying about the minutia of your spouse's life and shift that concern to yourself. Your ex will hear this and immediately think the opposite. If you continue to seethe about the hurts you suffered during your marriage and divorce, you'll remain forever tethered to your ex and to the past. If your ex sees you when you're depressed, there's no way he or she will come racing back to you. I think about how I was telling everyone how much I loved this girl and how happy I was. Because of the deep hurt I experienced when the marriage ended, it was easy to transform my intense feelings of love and care into their evil twin counterparts, hate and anger. Or maybe you are so angry and unhappy that you feel like you need to tell your ex how they made you feel by dumping you. How to become indifferent? But because anger is an intense emotion, it is antithetical to your goal of indifference toward your ex. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Do these things so that your ex will find out. I had loved my husband for a very long time -- over half my life. Occasionally, I'd come across a factoid or bit of advice that would truly resonate. Don't Change Their Mind.

How to become indifferent to an ex

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  1. The dictionary definition of indifference is "a lack of interest or concern about something.

  2. Even just scribbling your feelings on a scrap of paper for ten minutes and then throwing it away will help.

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