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Austin, tx Here's the fundamental problem with your original post. How do you think Michigan did? They landed nine out of the top 10 players in the state and also did a great job in Texas. LSU, Tennessee and Georgia.


They finished strong and have a really good shot at the top Which state produced the best talent overall? Notice the other topics that people bring up. This year's class is a good one but not up to the standards fans are used to. How did Penn State do? Austin, tx Here's the fundamental problem with your original post. Lydell Ross and Angelo Chattams are the two top players in the class as of now. Local papers talk about him getting a top 10 class. They became a national recruiting team this year and it paid off in a big way. I think it was tie between Florida and Texas. He's an excellent receiver with blazing speed and great potential. They've done an excellent job, especially in Florida. But what you mean is "there are too many Uber drivers on the road and I think something needs to be done about it". He's a four-star player with a lot of potential. It's a very competitive class. They've done a remarkable job in the region. Tennessee finished strong and the Vols have a shot at the top five, because of late additions such as Cedric Houston and Montrell Jones. Wednesday, April 25 Lemming: Where do you rank LSU's recruiting class? How did they do in re-stocking at the O-Line? It's not top That scared some top prospects away. Do you think they have any promising talent in this recruiting class for the future? You are writing it from the perspective of a cab driver. Talking about the UT game and how that might affect Uber drivers. LSU, Tennessee and Georgia.


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  1. So there's really nothing to respond to because you are not posing a question that has any valid point or audience here on an Uber Forum. What do you think about Purdue's recruiting this year?

  2. Yes, I was surprised that Carroll ended up at Arkansas, but his dad called me this morning and said the decision was based more on Arkansas' track program than anything else. How did Tennessee finish despite the late indecision of some recruits?

  3. They were in the top 10, then they fell out after the coaching change, and now they're back.

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