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Your call, your branding Reinforce your brand and let callers know they're in the right place. Video, voice and screen sharing calls Get face-to-face with a sales lead. There isn't a lot of complicated explaining before starting a call. And, in the rare case a browser is not supported, Gruveo will suggest an easy workaround.


That's why Gruveo runs right in the caller's browser, without annoying plugins or app installs. Once I discovered Gruveo, it became my basis of comparison for every other service I tested. Some require a program installation to use them at all. Now you can view the list of your recent calls as well as save your favorite rooms and handles to call. Thank you for using Gruveo! If there are any connection issues, the app will now try to reconnect your call instead of potentially dropping it. Only one other service has performed as well and as consistently, but it is not purely browser-based. Most of the time, I just send a link and have a call. Non-Pro users may be shown unobtrusive advertisements while waiting for the other party to join, or after a call ends. In addition, some are in closed systems that don't allow the users to install programs on their computers. Likely Extremely Likely Pros: Gruveo was a hit on the first three from the beginning. Try it right now! Other improvements in this version include: Exchange messages using the in-call text chat. The link makes starting a call as simple as jumping to a website. This update ensures iOS 12 compatibility and features other minor fixes and improvements. This is a purely browser-based conferencing service that allows us to easily connect with our team, clients, and prospective clients. The new multiparty system is still a little green. Most other services require a program installation to use the full capabilities of their system. In such scenarios, a browser-based service is imperative to have more than a phone conversation with the other party. This is handy for training calls and presentations. Video, voice and screen sharing calls Get face-to-face with a sales lead. That's probably due to this originally being more of a social interaction service than a business tool. This update also features some minor bug fixes.


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