Grannys remedy

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The government has made sure hospitals are not going to be able to help you if you get terribly sick and dehydrated, from vomiting or fever or whatever, but the truth is you don't want to go to a hospital anyway because it takes time to drive there and time sign in and wait and you're heaving or passed out or who knows what all, and then even if they can find a bag of fluids in some back closet for you, those bags are slow. What else you going to call all that nasty poo coming out of the behinds of those planes? And guess what - you can put it in an enema and get it into your blood faster than the government can find another country to bomb. This happens in sick and inflamed tissues, for example in a malignant tumour.

Grannys remedy

So, it ain't worth bothering with. The Center for Disease Control acknowledges that rabies can be spread via aerosolization so you or your dog need only be in close proximity to a rabies infected animal to be in danger. Other antioxidants and supplements will not have a similar effect. If you're missing something, go down to your local health food store or go on that computer thing and order it. Well, they can take their ole bioweapons and spray them on their own selves because we are going to mix up a batch of bio-remedy right here. The oxidation and free radicals arising from the hydrogen peroxide kill bacteria and inactivate viruses. Or what you do with this tube and tip? And is Monsanto making the chemicals they are spraying on everyone from those airplanes, claiming it's clouds? Distract the patient with television, movie, stories, games or anything so he can hold it. Ten minutes, no car ride, no hospital, and you've made fools of the FDA. No, those shots are more of the same and then some, likely chips and I don't mean potato ones, but the kind they can control after it's in you and hurt you with it or put thoughts in your head or worse, if you know what I mean. Okay, say you drink a poison. Anyway, you got your own enema bag or bottle and you just fill it up with water and a little bit of salt and sugar because you need those electric lights [some call them electrolytes] they give to the blood. Yes, there may be supplements and herbs that provide a little immune system support, but this is Ebola we are talking about - get real! They made those wicked GMOs and spray just tons of that horrible poison on it and hurt every living thing, including babies' brains. What does this mean for you and your dog? Well, that adds up to Who made that mosquito spray? In their wake are questions of just easily how can these new mutant rabies strains be spread, can they just jump from one species to another and potentially jump to humans like West Nile Disease, and can the animals eating those baits actually get rabies? The Second Part of Granny's home remedy - making sure everyone is always well-hydrated. In Arizona and other parts of the US, rabies is starting to jump species. Our little home remedy for dehydration is right here. Have the patient hold the enema some 10 minutes. And besides what the government wants is all that chaos, everybody sick and crowding the hospitals and begging for help they ain't got, and people dropping down everywhere. As we ponder these questions, the baits continue to drop by the thousands and new genetically modified vaccines are being developed at a maddening rate. In normal healthy tissues it acts as an antioxidant.

Grannys remedy

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  1. Plain water won't do it. Because all along your mighty colon, the blood vessels are right there ready to pull in the water the body needs.

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