Gay men have rough sex

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Go slowly and use lots of lube. I am not sweepingly anti-drug, although I believe certain substances — heroin, meth — should be avoided. Since I prefer rigorous sex, I will usually douche three times at least.

Gay men have rough sex

Do not rush it. I masturbated to the idea of using Preparation H after a rough night to decrease the swelling. I have friends that have used drugs to push their ass boundaries, gone too far, and wound up in the hospital. This is why I almost always clean out beforehand. If you choose to have sex on any drug or mild-altering substance — alcohol being one of them — know that substances can limit your ability to detect pain or know when your butt has had enough. Many guys prefer spit — I do — but spit typically will not work for rough sex or extended play. Silicone lube can also be used in the shower, since it will not wash off with water, meaning you can use it for douching and for shower sex. The previous slide automatically leads to my next topic: The opening and closing of this muscle on its own can be very erotic. Gently and slowly stick the nozzle up your butt and gently, slowly squeeze the bulb. When my ex-boyfriend and I decided to start playing with toys, I discovered sensations that I had never experienced before. I stole my first nozzle a smooth, stainless steel one from a shower room at the Armory in San Francisco — the filming studios for Kink. Not only is getting fisted a sensory overload, but it requires more trust and vulnerability than perhaps any other sex act with the exception of various kink and BDSM scenes. These men are mysteries to me. If you are planning to be a cum dump for a lengthy amount of time, you may need to clean deeply with a hose or shower attachment and, if you decide to be a cum dump away from home and the privacy of your home bathroom, you may want to carry a douching bulb with you for emergency trips to the nearest restroom. When I go hard, I use silicone lube. It is butt sex, after all, and if you do it enough, you are at some point going to encounter traces of that other thing the ass does. There is a caveat to this trick: A good douching bulb will have a large rubber bulb and a smooth plastic nozzle. As with everything I write, the intent of this piece is to break down the stigmas surrounding the sex lives of gay men. You will probably do drugs at some point in your life, or have staggeringly drunken nights, or both. Then start with anal toys, gradually working up to larger and larger sizes. If you take Imodium or some anti-diarrhea treatment and you do not, in fact, have diarrhea it will stop everything. I know this after experimenting with every kind of lube imaginable, from lotions to kitchen ingredients to Elbow Grease and more. Most of them are too hard, and many of them have a rough, porous texture. Hold the water in your ass for a few seconds, then relax and release it into the toilet.

Gay men have rough sex

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  1. My favorite lube is Pjur Back Door silicone lube. I cannot quite believe they can do what they do, but they do it nevertheless.

  2. These men are mysteries to me. The first rule of gay sex applies to bottoms of all calibers:

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