Fred wesley and hermione granger sex stories

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Hermione had come into the bathroom for a quick shower before dinner, and after turning on the water she found that Fred had followed her inside. Fred kicked his boxers off his ankles and grinned at Hermione's reaction; no matter how many times the two of them had sex, the sight of his exposed member always triggered the same reaction from her. It was time to take a risk, ignore Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys.

Fred wesley and hermione granger sex stories

This is also the first fanfiction I've ever posted so I hope it's alright. He repeated his until her blouse was fully open. I have to go now. She could feel both the twin's erections rubbing up against her and there was nothing more that she wanted than touch them and make them feel deliciously hot just like they were making her feel. Her eyes followed his. Want me to spend the night and talk to them. The odd thing was that both twins wanted her, and badly. One second she was freezing, the next she had beads of sweat forming everywhere. When she went into Ron's room Fred was already there. I have no clue where this is really going. She practically fainted, but her eyes were straight ahead. People sometimes change when they want something bad enough. That girl was only a little bit too dumb, but Fred wasn't going to complain. As George stood up to let Hermione take her seat, she felt his larger, muscular frame above her smaller, curvier, and more embarrassed one not for the first time. She tried to shrug it off and walk away but she still must have had a nervous look because Ginny's eyes felt like they pierced right through her. Hermione eagerly grabbed his hand and pulled him inside the room where Fred had disappeared into. George casted a cleaning charm on all three and the stickiness and wetness in their bodies were gone. Their tongues battled for dominance as he slowly dragged his finger in and out of her, triggering little whimpers of pleasure from Hermione every so often. I'll be out in a second. Hermione was finding it hard to keep herself quiet; every time Fred thrust into her, the head of his member hit her right in that spot that brought her extreme amounts of pleasure. My parents just called. George watched her, then shrugged and went back to his dinner. Then a sudden move made her want them. Her insides burned and the heat pooling in her knickers drove her insane. Go away both of you! They both saw the fear that had suddenly crept in her eyes. Your review has been posted.

Fred wesley and hermione granger sex stories

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