Find zip code washington dc

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They are also often — though not always — geographically coherent, since mail delivery in a given ZIP code is usually served by a single post office. To lower levels of contaminants in drinking water, the EWG recommends that people use a water filter. In the case of chromium-6 , which is a form of the element chromium, for example, the government looks only at overall chromium levels, and not all types are harmful.

Find zip code washington dc

Zip codes represent delivery routes for the post office. Chromium-3, on the other hand, is "mostly harmless. How can we make this database more useful? However, the Post Office already recognized a locality in Carroll County as Carrollton, Maryland, and was unwilling to allow the same name to be used for two localities in the same state. Newcomers to the region are often surprised that much of Maryland and Virginia is unincorporated, meaning local governance is handled solely by the county instead of by town or city government. If you find that a zipcode is not at the location listed, please let me know so we can research it and find more accurate locations. A map of the place names used on postmarks of outgoing mail associated with three-digit ZIP code prefixes in the Washington region. The eastern half of it consists of new unincorporated developments being built in what was relatively recently farmland. Until the city changed its name to New Carrollton in , mail to New Carrollton had to be addressed to Hyattsville to avoid being sent to Carroll County. Several people have requested greater precision in the Latitude and Longitude. IRS Zip codes are compatible The zip of the filers primary residence. However, there are a number of medium-sized preferred names in Montgomery County. Federal agencies in the Washington region usually have ZIP codes that start with , , , and addresses in "Washington," even when they are physically located in Maryland or Virginia. Science Explains ] But in many cases, the levels of contaminants that government regulations allow are higher than what current research suggests is safe, the EWG says. The preferred name Falls Church is used for a broad swath of territory west of Arlington County, much larger than the City of Falls Church , and Vienna is used as a preferred name for an area much larger than the Town of Vienna. Levels of contaminants in drinking water are regulated under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act or under state regulations, and indeed, the EWG found that the "vast majority" of water utilities meet these regulations. However, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment suggests that a safer limit would be 4 parts per trillion or 0. Meanwhile, there are a couple of tiny municipalities in Montgomery County — Glen Echo, Cabin John, and Garrett Park — that have their own ZIP codes approximately coterminous with the municipalities with their own preferred names. Second of all, ZIP codes actually have multiple names associated with them. For other contaminants, there are no specific federal standards, the EWG says. As I suggested in June , the names of census-designated places was a good substitute for the names of cities and towns in unincorporated suburbia. The western of these two regions that the Post Office considers Hyattsville contains the City of Hyattsville and unincorporated areas to its west and north. Meanwhile, the far southern tier of the county which still contains significant farmland is broken up into a number of ZIP code preferred names while, across the Potomac to the west, the much denser US-1 corridor all has the preferred name "Alexandria," even though most of it is actually unincorporated Fairfax County. Some additonal placenames for decommisioned codes. They may also define multiple acceptable names, which can also be used for any address within the ZIP code. What is rather strange is that there are actually two regions with the preferred name Hyattsville, separated by Riverdale, Bladensburg, and Brentwood ZIP codes. It's not surprising that Hyattsville is the preferred name for ZIP codes far beyond the borders of the actual City of Hyattsville.

Find zip code washington dc

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