Edmondson ticket dating machine

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In some rural stations hand-punching by railway employees is still done. To interest collectors, even the smaller stations would carry pre-printed ticket stock for single and return, adult and child journeys to numerous local stations and London, with "blank" stock also available for use for journeys for which no printed stock was available. Half fares[ edit ] Typically, half-fare tickets e. The remaining part was placed in groove in the lid of the ticket rack above its tube.

Edmondson ticket dating machine

These machines were developed by the Edmondson Company in the 19th century and Waterlow also produced similar machines. Some of the latest change-giving machines also print tickets. This is used to print or impress the date on the ticket so validating it for use. Although its use thus materially lightens the work of the booking office, it does not eliminate the human element in ticket issuing, since, as mentioned above, so large a proportion of passengers require change. The machine is, of course, designed to issue tickets without giving change when the passenger has provided himself with the correct fare. Rear of ticket[ edit ] The reverse side of a ticket might be endorsed that it was Subject to rules and regulations of the issuing railway company. Mechanization in an elementary form had begun as early as , when the pull-bar automatic machine was first installed on the Central London. Due to the Japanese occupation of Korea , South Korea used to use the Edmondson tickets for certain types of trains until the introduction of computer in ticket issuing. In some machines, the printing is done on cardboard blanks of regulation size and shape, while others are loaded with long strips wound on spools, of which a portion is, on printing, cut to the required size. They were partly printed and partly handwritten by the booking clerk, who retained the left-hand portion as a counterfoil, on which he entered the amount paid. The line has since been abandoned, but similar tickets are still in use in the tourist-oriented Pingxi Line. The government-owned Sri Lanka Railways uses second-hand machines purchased from the Netherlands to print their tickets. Four years later an electrically operated coin-slot machine, also issuing standard card tickets, was put in service on the District and London Electric Railways. The "scheme ticket" was, however, only one step. These are modern magnetic back tickets issued by vending machines, punched by automatic station entry gates and collected at the exit gates. It is, however, necessary at times to issue a card or paper ticket on which the name of the arrival station is written, if bookings to the particular destination from the point of departure are unusual. Some NCR24 machines were later bought from Dutch Railways for use on the Southern and these were distinguishable from NCR21 because the machine data—in a slightly different format—appeared upside down on tickets. Below - machine ready for changing type and other maintenance. For example, a threepenny ticket may frank the passenger to as many as a dozen separate terminal points, and give him the choice of several alternative routes, in addition to being available at every intermediate station on those routes. Although there is some small variation nowadays metricated to 30 x 57 x 0. There are several small companies that still produce Edmondson tickets on request. At the same time that the passimeter was first under consideration, experiments were being made with automatic machines for use inside the booking offices. The ticket was usually hand-punched by employees at the boarding gate, which now replaced by Trust system process. Change is given for sixpence and a shilling. Printing is here effected on a roll long enough to provide two thousand tickets, thus avoiding the necessity of constantly refilling at busy stations, which is one of the drawbacks on the coin-operated machines not equipped with a printing device.

Edmondson ticket dating machine

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  1. In some machines, the printing is done on cardboard blanks of regulation size and shape, while others are loaded with long strips wound on spools, of which a portion is, on printing, cut to the required size. To all intents and purposes, Edmondson invented the system of to-day in its main outlines.

  2. The Prague printing house produced 50, tickets per day until start of decrement[ clarification needed ].

  3. Even the smallest station had one and larger stations often had dozens. The tickets in each series were individually numbered.

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