Don t trust women

If she approaches me pissed about something, my first reaction is "What's wrong? When it comes to sexual assault or domestic violence, victims — the vast majority of whom are women — are still widely disbelieved. I hear what you're saying, and I'll help.

Don t trust women

But, does it generally take longer for us to believe something if a woman tells it to us than it would if a man told us the exact same thing? Defendants who plead not guilty to sexual assault are likelier to be acquitted than defendants who plead not guilty to other crimes. Legislators have tried to pass laws that would mandate women get written permission from men before obtaining abortions, or have suggested that rape and incest exceptions would give way to women lying about abuse. Well, women other than our mothers or teachers or any other woman who happens to be an established authority figure. When Amber Heard brought charges against her then-husband Johnny Depp, she was accused of fabricating the allegations to extort him in their divorce settlement. It eventually segued to Cosby, which then segued into a realization that there's a common thread in each of these types of stories and the tenor of the conversations surrounding them. Until she convinces me otherwise, I assume that her emotional reaction to a situation is disproportionate to my opinion of what level of emotional reaction the situation calls for. If women's feelings aren't really to be trusted, then naturally their recollections of certain things that have happened to them aren't really to be trusted either. So how do we remedy this? The next time my wife tells me how upset she is about something I'm not sure she should be that upset about, trust her. Unfortunately, Chanakya was far from alone in his mistrust of women. Simply put, when a man sexually assaults a woman, it is highly likely he will get away with it, in large part because the woman is not believed. Panama and I were talking about the Rolling Stone story controversy. If you trust someone, it means you trust them not to cheat. I hear what you're saying, and I'll help. Do we think women are pathological liars? Basically, women are crazy, and we are not. When the concept of trust is brought up, it's usually framed in the context of actions; of what we think a person is capable of doing. But you know what I don't really trust? Clinton hasn't won over millennials. I trust the shit out of her. This distrust of women's feelings is so ingrained, so commonplace that I'm not even sure we men realize it exists. But whatever you're upset about probably really isn't that serious. After five months of marriage, eight months of being engaged, and another year of whatever the hell we were doing before we got engaged, it's the least I can do. This is part of the reason why it took an entire high school football team full of women for some of us to finally just consider that Bill Cosby might not be Cliff Huxtable.

Don t trust women

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  1. This is clear when we look at crimes that disproportionately affect women, like domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape. What I've never actually trusted with any women I've been with?

  2. The trope of the untrustworthy woman manifests itself in the everyday lives of women too.

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