Difficulties dating a blind person

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She wouldn't hear of it. Any question u can reach me pughprecious yahoo. A few years later, when we were both available, we finally did start dating and have now been happily married for almost nine years. This message is to the people who is not blind and is dating a blind person its hard and it may feel strange but u have to feel it in your soul if dating a blind person is met for you

Difficulties dating a blind person

We could all stand to take more risks like this in life, especially for the chance at love. Myself I believe you need to leave them alone. So if anyone has any suggestions for dating tips or advice it would be appreciated. Blind girls want to be treated like normal girls. A person I met through the Nashville Singles Line, with whom I had a relationship that lasted just over two years, later said he was glad I told him in advance, as it might have been a bit of a shocking surprise had he not known beforehand. Go down stairs or they'll feel it with their cane, but sometimes it's appreciated to warn him or her about things like steps. I am also lucky that we were able to figure it out together and work through frustrations with a sense of humor. I just want someone that wants to be loved that loves me back. I hope to find someone that will like me for me. The one and only regret I have had that really depresses me at times. We met online and he didn't tell me for a bit that he was VI. When you are out with a blind person, you may have to get used to stares and whispers since not everyone understands that being different is not a sign of inferiority. So many of these posts state something about seeking a relationship, but the "checklist" seems incredibly strange. I have no interest in sitting through because it has no audio description and has very little dialogue and a great deal of action. Every time I thought about it, though, the name "Cary" kept coming to mind. She wouldn't hear of it. Most recreational sports, like bowling or mini-golfing, will be out of the question though your date may be a good swimmer and an avid jogger. Never grab a blind person's cane to lead him that way. All that one can ask is for trust, loyalty, and honesty. I'm not too particular about age. Then, maybe then, someone might give me a chance. Him being blind has molded him into the man he is and I love him dearly. You must not live in the United States as that would likely be illegal. After all of that you might think why date? Of course, some differences are bigger than others, and I still know, after being in a few relationships with people I first met online, that love is complicated and multi-layered.

Difficulties dating a blind person

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