Diary of a sex fiend diary

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Stranger danger and all that. Her mother always believed that a woman should be submissive to her husband therefore she usually took Vincent's side. I can do bad all by myself anyway.

Diary of a sex fiend diary

Determined to find love, even if it means taking risks, living on the edge, and sleeping with whatever man or woman who would pay her any small amount of attention. I can do bad all by myself anyway. It was intensely informative. Abby Lee answers all kinds of unimaginable questions through her sensuous and sexual adventures. Even a professor I had in college said so. Stimulate me more than just with your…wits. In this spunky, fun, and utterly honest memoir Abby Lee celebrates her sexuality and explores her needs as a woman who enjoys sex and what she wants in a relationship. Will she ever be able to fill that void? Sex can be a strange and blush-inducing topic to approach and Abby does a stunning job. Plus, I like to talk and have a good time. Abby Lee My Rating: This is the full monty for a woman who has no shame and enjoys her sexuality. I apparently suck about writing about my own life. Abby is figuring out herself, asking some interesting questions that led me to ask my own questions about aspects of my life. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. At the end of each chapter, which encapsulates a month, she gives a list to follow that she pulls from her personal experiences and discoveries. Will she be able to control her addiction? And if I did, who cares? My eyes bulged from their sockets on more than one occasion while reading her entries. I was never one for diaries. Or will she destroy herself in the process? How many people can honestly share something like this and to the public? It was exciting and made my heart ache. This book will touch you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Stranger danger and all that. Receiving the love that she needed from her mother as a child, Tiffany assumed things would be even better when her mother marries Vincent because she had never had a father figure in her life. This list was deeply enlightening.

Diary of a sex fiend diary

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