Define unhappily

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They believe in the good in people, versus assuming everyone is out to get them. What's happened to them and life's hardships are their conversation of choice. Unhappily, at least one other qualified editor missed this fact.

Define unhappily

The difference between a happy and unhappy life is how often and how long we stay there. The rest of us bounce back and forth between happiness and unhappiness depending on the day. They take responsibility for how they got themselves into a mess, and focus on getting themselves out of it as soon as possible. Generally open and friendly towards people they meet, happy people foster a sense of community around themselves and meet new people with an open heart. Unhappily, American officials have often failed to make that clear. As happily as the day began, it ended unhappily. Throughout the years, I've learned there are certain traits and habits chronically unhappy people seem to have mastered. Walk, fall down, get back up again, repeat. Antimatter Ultraman is unhappily married to his Crime Syndicate teammate Superwoman. Born in , Wright grew up with unhappily married parents. Happy people take steps daily to achieve their goals, but realize in the end, there's very little control over what life throws their way. They believe in unlimited possibilities and don't get bogged down by thinking one person's good fortune limits their possible outcome in life. Obviously none of us are perfect. When fear or worry crosses a happy person's mind, they'll ask themselves if there's an action they can be taken to prevent their fear or worry from happening there's responsibility again and they take it. You believe most people can't be trusted. Unhappily, the repression has remained but the threats have disappeared. Unhappy people tend to micromanage in effort to control all outcomes and fall apart in dramatic display when life throws a wrench in their plan. Unhappily, at least one other qualified editor missed this fact. There's a difference between control and striving to achieve our goals. Here are the 7 qualities of chronically unhappy people. I won't argue that healthy discernment is important, but most happy people are trusting of their fellow man. They were also romantically involved, but the relationship ended unhappily. You concentrate on what's wrong in this world versus what's right. Going with the flow is what happy people have as plan B. Unhappy people fill their thoughts with what could go wrong versus what might go right. There's only so much rent space between your ears.

Define unhappily

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