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It is the Holiday Inn Eisenhower Avenue, and is right off of a subway line. It's not what you would call luxury accomodations, but once the trip is underway, you'll see why we stay there. Played just like the regular Monopoly game, we have designed this in partnership with local businesses, so it is their properties that surround the board. Any questions, just comment below!


As of October 5th, there were no more student or adult chaperone spots left for the trip. I am hoping I can lower that by saving money on transportation and food. Other requests made at this point, but not yet finalized are for visitation tours to Congress, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, for a wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, and for our charter bus appointments. If you have any questions or if you are someone who would like to buy a game, email me at gtnoah yahoo. We'll eat breakfast there everyday at their all inclusive, all you can eat buffet. There are things I will miss about the Harrington's location, but I think we'll all like our new home as well. Southwest Airlines flies into Baltimore International a little closer than Dulles, actually and has not scheduled their flights for April yet. Then here are a few things you may want to know: Later that night, we will be cruising in grand style aboard the Dandy Dinnerboat. Both flights are non-stop yea! In turn, they have paid for this advertising, and will almost completely cover the cost of manufacturing the games, meaning, when you sell them, there is a huge profit margin for your fundraising. We are truly grateful to have you with us. Please make all checks payable to PHS. What if I make a payment and then decide not to go on the trip, can I get my money back? The same amount as the students. What will we do in Washington DC? Played just like the regular Monopoly game, we have designed this in partnership with local businesses, so it is their properties that surround the board. Around have already been presold, and if you were one of the students who did the selling, just tell your customers the updated delivery date for the games. Anderson-Bryan in the ASB office. Of course, you can pay at any time before these dates - please make all checks payable to PHS, and give them to Mrs. Also, if you are a student who is benefiting from this fundraiser, give some huge props to Alicia Y. We are planning on ordering of them, and due to a few delays in getting the final design put together, we will be receiving the games right before Thanksgiving break. These seven days are packed from the time we land to the time we come home. If their tickets end up being a lot cheaper, we will switch airlines. If you were to pay later than that, it may still be possible to go, but I cannot guarantee you a hotel room, so deciding whether to go or not by October 1st will save you some headache.


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