Daughter hear her parent having sex

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For the comfort of your child and teen, I believe you need to make other arrangements. If you want to have loud sex then do it when nones at home, when your alone. Did your ex move on? Lets see what the Internet says

Daughter hear her parent having sex

I felt livid and outraged, repulsed and violated. The kids live with us though.. Dozed off in class a few times due to having to listening to headphones all night. Yes your entitled to have sex in your own home but if you have other residents whether that be your children or anyone else then put a sock in it when making out. He may also see it as a nail in the coffin of his hope that you'll be able to work things out with his Dad and get back together. It may take some time for him to cool down enough to be able to talk about it. Try talking with him and get him to open up with you about it. Ask questions and try to understand. We had multiple discussions where I cried saying it really bothered me and I don't want to hear it. That being said I got a text saying that she could hear me from the hallway. Talk to your kid how they feel. In addition, slut-shaming, victim-blaming, body-policing are not allowed. When you speak to your daughter's father, let him know what your daughter told you and that it made her uncomfortable. I reacted exactly the same way described in this post. Noone wants to hear their parents having sex unless your weird. Could be he feels he needs to protect you from a man he doesn't know well. For context, I'm female and I was 10 at the time. What is Sex Abuse? As I said before, accidents do happen and it is not uncommon for a child to hear or even see their parents having sex. I just made up my mind while reading the comments above and had to share my thoughts. However, the goal is to see him first as a partner in keeping your daughters safe. Finally confronted her in tears, got given the same shpeal, 'its natural' so suck it up. Today, my 10 year old seemed almost fine. The bottom line is that your ex-husband should be aware that his daughter heard him and was uncomfortable, and that this should not happen again. My daughter heard my ex-husband having sex with his girlfriend. I introduced him into my kids' lives gradually over the course of our relationship and I think we handled all that pretty well. Meta posts and witch hunts are frowned upon.

Daughter hear her parent having sex

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