Currans hill nsw

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Another major advantage of making Currans Hill your home is its affordable cost of living. For more information on the Currans Hill Rainbow Babies and Kids Playgroup you can email Mel see below , or just turn up on the day - you are welcome to try two sessions before deciding to join Playgroups NSW. We would love new members to come and be part of our group!

Currans hill nsw

It is serviced by buses operated by Transport NSW. If your children are a little older, have a look at Macarthur Rainbow Families which many of our members are also involved with Currans Hill Rainbow Babies and Kids Playgroup A weekly Playgroup for Rainbow Families and their babies, toddlers and preschoolers. We would love new members to come and be part of our group! It offers good schools, easy access to amenities, a local supermarket, and plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants. The types of dwellings in the suburb consist of smaller houses with low-maintenance, medium-sized homes with manageable lots and large houses with spacious floor plans and yards. You can find whatever you need within the suburb and in nearby suburbs. Currans Hill is considered a new residential area as it still has undeveloped land particularly in the north and east. Meals — breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks Nappies, washers and wipes. We are a hard working, professional, qualified and friendly team who go the extra mile to support families and ensure they feel welcomed and comfortable. Manooka Valley Community Preschool is a brand new service with new facilities, spacious rooms and outdoor environment. Enquire now Manooka Valley Community Preschool has been in operation since Are you looking for a property for rent or house for sale in Currans Hill? This suburb is highly recommended for families because of its quiet streets and friendly neighbourhood, great parks for children, and safe and picturesque bike and walkways. Another major advantage of making Currans Hill your home is its affordable cost of living. We offer a wide range of play equipment, with lots of free time inside and outside so the children can explore and make friends in a fun, safe environment. The neighbourhood is a leafy suburb that has a recreational park and several huge reserves linked with cycleways and walking paths. To stay informed about upcoming events, connect with us by subscribing to Rainbow Families newsletter at the bottom of this page. This residential suburb, primarily comprising free-standing homes, was first settled by Europeans through land grants in the s. The service prides itself on our positive relationships with families and the local community. Maturing couples and families, established couples and families, and older couples and families Property statistics Median rent: Do you want to meet lesbian mums, gay dads, transgender parents and their children? We have a team that is committed to quality education and care which enables us to continually reflect and improve on our services. Rainbow Families and Rainbow Babies and Kids playgroup attendance evolves over time, kids go off to school and new babies arrive. Our program is play-base supporting children to explore, initiate, experiment and engage with a range of materials and concepts. Separate house Average bedrooms per property:

Currans hill nsw

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  1. Separate house Average bedrooms per property: Meals — breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks Nappies, washers and wipes.

  2. We hope to see you and your Rainbow Family at an event in the future. This is seen through the positive relationships we have developed and positive word of mouth we receive from both existing and incoming families.

  3. Currans Hill transformed from farmland to a residential area in the s after it was subdivided into medium-sized lots.

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