Curing boredom

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Let your attitude determine how you experience circumstances. In short periods, this problem can usually be overcome by using a simple motivation trick. They looked at me expectantly, smartphones dangling from their hands. Check out the popular article I wrote for ZenHabits about how to do it and why.

Curing boredom

And it's amazing how different you feel when you change the shade of your mane. As a practicing clinician, Eastwood developed an interest in boredom after working with patients with chronic depression. I am not kidding, kids. I often find myself getting irritated during holiday periods where my normally busy schedule empties. Move your couch there, the recliner over here and viola! If you can say the same, maybe now is a good time to regain control. Tweet Fill your life with meaning and purpose, with service and adventure, with introspection and creativity, with spontaneity and adaptability, appreciation , curiosity and action and life will hardly slow down long enough to feel bored ever again. Many are even free, so there's no excuse for not broadening your horizons. As long as you're moving and your heart rate is up, it counts. Plant a Garden You'd be amazed at how much better your food tastes when it's fresh. It might be beneficial to think through why something bores you. Take a Nap If you're already napping quite a bit, then skip this suggestion… it's time to do something else. Create a Life Plan Businesses have a plan, why not you? But otherwise, feel free to snooze for a bit. They looked at me expectantly, smartphones dangling from their hands. But boredom is not tragic. Put off your boredom. Get a Massage If you've had one, then this needs no explanation. Try a New Hobby You've always wanted to sign up for co-ed softball or try your hand at painting or learn how to play tennis. Doing the same things the same way, without deviation, thought or intention is a recipe for boredom. Find a new path. Or maybe you'd just like to work in retail instead of insurance, or start your own business for that matter. Scan all your pictures and back them up to the cloud for safe keeping. Use this down time to start building yours. And while I'm not quite as quick to do those drastic changes now, it's still fun to try something new every now and then. Take a road trip.

Curing boredom

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