Cuckold and hotwife tumblr

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Another example of letting go too late: To a man accustomed to and expecting normal orgasms i. You are giving him a special kind of orgasm! When he regains consciousness, I promise he will thank you, with pure awe and love in his wide, exhausted eyes. Then his cock goes limp and his entire body instinctively commands him to rest and recover.

Cuckold and hotwife tumblr

I either tease and deny him, or I ruin him. Want to know if you ruined him right? You will probably fail, many times, while you perfect your technique. But every man is different, every night is different, and every orgasm is different. Watch closely while you pleasure him. To a man accustomed to and expecting normal orgasms i. You can define denial for yourself. Your taste buds and pleasure centers were trained and prepared for chocolate-covered caramel. And it makes me a fuller, more confident, more satisfied, happier woman. You want him to hang, untouched, on the verge of climax, for as long as physically possible, before his body reflexively sends him over. That makes no sense! Ruined Orgasms As Part of Tease and Denial Many couples who practice edging, tease, and denial integrate ruined orgasms into their play. Ride him, suck him, stroke him, whatever you want. Basically, a ruined orgasm or three multiplies his sexual endurance for the rest of the night, without reducing his desire. Presumably, you love your man. I allow him to have orgasms, but he can only have them on my terms. Men always misjudge their own point-of-no-return. You can absolutely ruin your man multiple times in one night. You want him to be happy. Now… how do you do it? The Name Is Misleading: It makes our marriage stronger, and I adore him for it. In a ruined orgasm, the male hits his peak of pleasure, tips just barely over the edge, but the violent crash is not triggered. You need to study his specific sequence of escalating physical pleasure signals, to identify the first possible moment in the sequence where you can let go and cause him to still cascade through climax. He is likely to be fully satisfied, go limp, and enter the refractory period. You might do everything exactly the same way, every time, and one time your man might leak under weak contractions; another time he might fire untouched bursts of cum, like a seemingly normal orgasm. It is also perhaps the least understood and most underused method of extending and delivering pleasure to both partners.

Cuckold and hotwife tumblr

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  1. I either tease and deny him, or I ruin him. He feels an electric tremor throughout his body, distinctly different from the warm wash of a normal orgasm, but still intensely pleasurable.

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