Country music love songs

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And I can feel the sting of summer on my skin. Anymore - Travis Tritt But it can be about even more than that. A guy finally coming to the realization that he is with the love of his life and he can settle down and be happy with her forever.

Country music love songs

Definitely a sad song, but a look on the good side of things. It makes you want to help others. But he can hang his hat on this one. Another heartbreaker of a song. A really wonderful song with deeper meaning each time you listen. That fiddle part is killer. Well, I guess not a hit on the country charts, but it charted there and has been a favorite of the Parrotheads. This song is about a guy that wishes he could be the one making his former lover look so good in love. This song just oozes out of the jukebox. He had the pretty basic beginning by getting noticed and signed to a major label. This one always seemed to be a unique one. He had some fun songs that were uptempo and goofy, but he also had passionate love songs like this one. But the narrator knows for sure that he believes in love. This song returned George to greatness and people really connected with it. They know that things will be challenging sometimes, but the hope is that they do the best they can and enjoy the dance along the way. Those soaring vocals in the chorus. This was such a huge hit and remains one of the most powerful performances of all time. Just a really good love song from one of the best of all time in country music. The song went all the way to 3 on the chart. There are a lot of situations that make you feel like there are no choices other than to let go. Anymore - Travis Tritt Everything was against this song and it somehow connect with fans. Gets me every time. You feel the pain of a guy that can find ways to get through the days of loneliness, but those nights just about take him to the grave. This song still sees peaks in popularity every now and again and remains a fan favorite.

Country music love songs

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