Countries with same sex marriage

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Spain The new law gave same-sex couples all of the same marital and adoption rights as heterosexual citizens. Gay couples in Sweden had been allowed to register for civil unions since Its parliament had passed the measure legalizing gay marriage earlier in Conscientious and nurturing adults, whether they are men or women, heterosexual or homosexual, can be excellent parents. Same-sex marriage around the world The table provides a list of countries that have legalized same-sex marriage, as well as selected countries that offer some other legal status for same-sex couples.

Countries with same sex marriage

Early in the Supreme Courts of two states— California and Connecticut —struck down state laws limiting marriage to the union between a man and a woman. More than 25 years of research have documented that there is no relationship between parents' sexual orientation and any measure of a child's emotional, psychosocial, and behavioral adjustment. Their responses regarding the morality , desirability, and administrative perquisites of same-sex partnerships have been equally diverse. Canada The nation's traditional definition of civil marriage was changed to include the union between same-sex couples. Portugal Six years after Portugal's parliament legalized same-sex marriage, the country granted gay couples the right to adopt. Subsequent challenges to the laws made their implementation contingent on the results of ballot referenda, and in November voters in both states affirmed the laws. Many Americans felt that the Hawaii court decision represented a serious threat to social stability, and in the U. In Denmark became the first country to establish registered partnerships—an attenuated version of marriage—for same-sex couples. The Netherlands The country became the first in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Barack Obama , who during his initial years in office had endorsed only civil unions for same-sex couples, in May became the first sitting U. The state, in turn, argued that it had a compelling interest in preventing same-sex marriage, as that practice would inherently damage the public good. Broadly reflecting the community-benefit rhetoric noted above, many American legal scholars and same-sex marriage advocates developed arguments that the equal protection clause of the U. The new law, which was passed in , replaced a law permitting civil unions. The law allowed the marriages of Belgian same-sex couples and recognized as married those from other countries where same-sex marriage was legal. The Lutheran-affiliated Church of Sweden, to which roughly three-quarters of all Swedes belong, has offered blessings for same-sex partnerships since January Some scholars, most notably the Yale professor and historian John Boswell —94 , have argued that same-sex unions were recognized by the Roman Catholic Church in medieval Europe, although others have disputed this claim. This was the case in both Iran, where a strong Muslim theocracy had criminalized same-sex intimacy, and Denmark , where the findings of a conference of Evangelical Lutheran bishops representing the state religion had helped smooth the way for the first national recognition of same-sex relationships through registered partnerships. For advocates of the community-benefit perspective, all the legal perquisites associated with heterosexual marriage should be available to any committed couple. Same-sex marriage around the world The table provides a list of countries that have legalized same-sex marriage, as well as selected countries that offer some other legal status for same-sex couples. Before the ruling, 36 states and the District of Columbia had legalized same-sex marriage. From this perspective, the movement to legally recognize same-sex marriage is a misguided attempt to deny the social, moral , and biological distinctions that foster the continued existence of society and so should be discouraged. In such societies, the possibility of arrest or institutionalization further reinforced taboos on same-sex intimacy and discussions thereof, typically driving such activities underground. Iceland A measure legalizing same-sex marriage passed the Icelandic legislature in June Scholars and the general public became increasingly interested in the issue during the late 20th century, a period when attitudes toward homosexuality and laws regulating homosexual behaviour were liberalized, particularly in western Europe and the United States. The rights, benefits, and protections of civil marriage can further strengthen these families. Colombia On April 28, , Colombia became the fourth country in Catholic-majority South America to legalize same-sex marriage, following Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

Countries with same sex marriage

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  1. Notably, however, by the beginning of the 21st century most countries opted for one of only three legal resolutions to these intersecting problems:

  2. In Canada became the first country outside Europe to pass legislation legalizing same-sex marriage.

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